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Queen of Swiss

IELTS help?

Hi All,

I am plannin to take the general IELTS exam in August? Could somebody suggest me some good free resources online and test papers? Also any tips regarding the exams will also be appreciated.

Is the exam very tough? I am good in english, and have been doing all my coursed in english. Can i expect above 7 or 8?

Expecting your answers….


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Ali Amirshahi

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well IELTS is:

International English Language Testing System

it’s an English test taken so you could show your capability in the English language.

there is 2 formats:


ACADEMIC form is mainly for students trying to study abroad in an English language country

GENERAL is for ordinarily people which try to immigrate to English language speaking country.

it has a score ranging from 0 to 9 with 9 been the best and 0 given when the you are absent at the test day.

it’s score is in full or half I mean 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, ……. 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9

it has 4 sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking. in the first 2 you could get half scores but in the last 2 you only get full scores.

the overall score is the average of the 4 marks you get and is rounded to the bigger half or full.

for peperation I suggest:

First of all get some books about IELTS which has mock exams in them.

Take a mock exam every day that will definitely help you out so you can manage your time well.

After that from now on whenever you here a new word look at the dictionary so in this way you would know its meaning and also spelling.

In your spare time listen to tapes and watch movies.

You could also practice your speaking skills in that way as well as you could speak with yourself predicting what the examiner would ask you and what your answer would be.

This is what I did and got an overall score of 8 with 2, 8.5 in listening and reading a 7 in writing and an 8 in speaking.

This is how you could get ready for the exam.

But in the exam date:

in the speaking test you should know that the examiner will try to relax you down because they know that everyone are nervous about their exam so just try to cool down as soon as you can.

you should know that the important thing for the examiner is that he or she just want to know how you speak and how you could communicate with other people so don’t get nervous if you think you could have answered the question in a shorter form it is not really important for them.

Don’t get worried if you thought you have said a wrong word just go on as long as you could tell what you mean although you might have used wrong word is enough and you have got nearly the full marks.

at the day of other exams just be relax and try to concentrate on your exam listen good and you would have no problems as long as you have practiced hard in the remaining time.

GOOD LUCK on your exam


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toefl is for the U. S. and Ielts is for the united kingdom. because of fact Toefl is pc based it extremely is confusing to get papers to prepare on, so from that attitude, ielts is way less stressful. although, a sturdy score of seven or 8 in ielts is amazingly no longer basic to get. the two tests attempt your potential to think of in English so don’t be deceived by making use of the various disciplines of examining writing listening etc. whilst you’re turning out to be to be a low score, it is considering you’re nonetheless translating into and from Korean! you may study novels for excitement besides as prepare on whichever attempt you go with. wish this is going properly. All perfect needs in whichever examination you go with.

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Notorious Guy
Probably can expect 7 or 8 if you are good in english.

However, you must have a good time management in composition paper. When i take that paper, i haven’t enough time to finish it and lead a lower mark.


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Take a look at this: http://www.ielts-exam.net