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have u ever wanted to tell ur teachers that they r big jerks. i mean all of mine have tests on the same days and assign projects with the same due dates. and give huge assignments every single day. have u ever just wanted to tell them to back off a little bit

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Kay B

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I am so sorry that you are having a bad day. It may seem that your teachers are doing this on purpose but they’ve got deadlines to meet with your marks as well and then administration is putting their deadlines as well. It is alot and I know that what I am saying probably is not making sense but they need time to mark your assignments. All that I can say is to not leave your assignments for last minute then you will have too much to work on.

The early bird catches the worm.


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Things do have a tendency to come together at the wrong time.

If you hurt one limb there seems to be the tendency that that is the one that you will bang.

There are certain deadlines that schools establish such as the end of a marking period and some time before that is the time that grades are due. Teachers tend to give tests shortly before the the due date for entering grades. That means that tests will be given at about the same time. The other reasons is ghat just of coincidence.

If you are in a large school there are many teach rs teaching the same subject and they are different in their approaches and the timing of their lessons. That is a reason why tests tend to be lumped together . It is called coincidence.

DO not call your teachers names. It is not nice.


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