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model united nations.. position papers. helpppp?

i am a new member of model united nations (mun) at my high school.

we were told to write a position paper defending a certain topic.

i dont want the answer.. but i just want to know about how to write a position paper.

the issue has to do with china.. but i just need to know the basics on how to write one..

thanks soooo much

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Roald Ellsworth

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It’s been a long time since I was in Model UN, but I remember how frustrating it was (the students from the other schools always voted based on the school they attended, not the country they represented, and our school was new and we only had a few people).

Anyway, I remember I argued something about Northern Ireland, and it was a lot like a persuasive essay. You have to research the topic and state your argument, then give specific reasons why you are arguing that way. When you get to the meeting, you have to argue the proposal in front of a bunch of people you don’t know, so make sure you’ve researched well.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the other students. They will argue against you, and they won’t be too nice about it.

Good luck.


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Position papers are not difficult to write, you’ll be fine. It should end up being 1-1.5 pages single spaced. Paragraph 1: The Problem Paragraph 2: Your solution to the problem Paragraph 3: Past actions your country has taken to stop the problem. Paragraph 4: How your solution would work. Paragraph 5: What your solution needs to work. Paragraph 6: How your solution will effect your country. Paragraph 7: How your solution will effect the world.