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How does this work??? help me… please read!?

I just made an account with Renaissance Learning online . You can order quizzes of Accelerated Reader books. I was wondering if anyone has this. And, how do the give you they quizzes? Do they ship them to you? Do you have to pay? I dont understand? does anyone have this or understand it?

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Yes, you have to pay. It’s set up for schools.

If you’re just wanting to do AR quizzes, then go to this site, which *is* free:


There you will earn points for prizes (theirs or your own incentives). The prize options frequently change. You can set up teams with other students, search for a book, get the reading level, and much more. My son has been using it for nearly 5 years and loves it!


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Wierd…I just browsed around on the site, it looks as if they serve school districts? I’I think that you add the quizzes in that you want, and they’re $2.92 each. It looks like they also have software related to some ps curricula…

I didn’t make an account or an order, but I’m assuming they would ship them to you. I didn’t see anything about downloads…

Anyway, I hope that helps?


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no clue


every one plz answer my question thts the link