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Homeschool curriculums?

I am looking for a GOOD non-Christian/biblical homeschool curriculum. Preferable not online, but if you know of a good non-biblical online course, please let me know.

Must be for grades 10-12.

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Try K12 – it’s “online” but there is a LOT of offline work. We’ve been using it for five years.


The High School page:


It appears on the site like the only way to use the high school is through a virtual school, but you can also purchase courses directly through their “Consumer Direct” option. That’s what we’ve always used.


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k12 is an excellent program but can be expensive if you are not going to use an online charter school. Online charter schools will also help you wiht making sure you take all state required tests every year as well as your proficiencies that you need to get your diploma,

My son finished the 8th grade in public school with straight F’s and went from that to straight A’s and B’s being home schooled. Online charter schools are considered the same as public schooling. My son graduated an online charter school and now attends University of Dayton ( a private university ) with scholarships.

Home schooling can work for some. The student needs to be self disciplined enough to do the work and care. Generally less work is involved with an online charter school than in a regular public school. You are also able to work at your own pace. k12 will customize your curriculum and make sure you are where you need to be.

This is the school my other children are now attending,


Depending on where you live they may be a help, if not, there are online charter schools all over.

They will provide you with the computer, printer, supplies and books that you need as well as teachers and academic advisors. This is the same as a public school but ONLINE at home.

If you choose not to use a virtual school , yes you can still purchase k12 products. http://v7.k12.com/independence.html

If you need anything else feel free to email me


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Sonlight is a history centered program it comes with lesson plans and in the lesson plans bible is included www.sonlight.com and ACE is work book based you get 12 work books / subject/ year. Each book has a memory verse all the books use the same characters and there is a bible course for the kids. Its cheaper than Sonlight but you can only use each work book once so you have to buy it for each child! www.schooloftomorrow.com They also have a diagnostic test if you are starting out with older children

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You can try out Forest Trail Academy. They offer both non-Christian and Christian online curriculum. Although most of the work is online but you get an assurance of getting quality education from an accredited school. My daughter attended the same school.

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www.k12 .com

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Have you talked to the school dist. about home study?