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Homeschool AP classes?

I just wondering, do homeschoolers do AP? If so, how?

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I’m taking an AP class.

Some kids can go to their local public school for an AP class.

Others, like me, do it online.

All you really need to try for the AP test is a Barron’s Guide or something similar, and a library card.


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Yes, they can if they want. Here’s from the College Board website:

“If you are a homeschooled student or attend a school that doesn’t offer AP, you can still participate. Each year hundreds of students participate through independent study. Some states even sponsor online AP courses.”

There are several ways homeschoolers can study for AP Exam: take courses at a local private high school that’s willing, form a co-op with other college bound homeschoolers and hire a tutor, take online courses with or without an instructor. Here’a a good site that has AP coursework for AP Sciences, AP US History, AP Calculus:


Then you register to take the AP Exam, usually at a local high school. But you register by contacting AP Services, contact info is on the website at the link below.


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AP is just a upper crust program. To do that on a homeschool level involves unschooling along with subject from a box.

Take Civics. You’d have to work the cirriculum for Civics or Politics or History or whatever they offer and then go do your own research and learn more outside the cirriculum.

As a homeschooler, for example, you can attend city council meeting. Just go to City Hall and sit in the room and watch how they play politics. Take notes. Absorbe it.

You can go to the School Board meetings.

You can go to Political Party Rallies

You can’t do these things in school because you are stuck ther ein the daytime!

You learn more about civics watching the County Board of Supervisors meet once a week than you will in any classroom.

For a subject like Physics you have to meld the Science of Physic course with more math. Statistics, Calculus and you may have to buy a few toys from a site like Edumunds Scientific.

You can buy an optical bench with lenses for $50

You can buy an Van De Gaf Generator

You can get that pendulum with the balls that demonstrates NEwtons laws.

Then you can watch some Science and Discovery programs on physics and Neutrinos and stuff like that.

You’ll exceed AP standards this way.

For Chemistry you can get those kids toys with sticks and disks and learn how to do 3-D bonding of ISomers in Organic Chemistry. How the Cs and Hs go together to make different Isomers (n-this 2ethyl-that, 2-4diethyl-something else)

YOu can learn how to draw 3-D benzine rings and how to chart out compounds using the drawing methods (single line and double line for forwards or backwards atomic position)

You’ll actually learn more this way than in a classroom. This is how you’d be doing it in college.


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Yes they do. I take online AP courses on Apex Learning.

This is the link:



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You just need to learn the material and then arrange to do the exams. You don’t have to sign up for a specific course. Talk to these guys http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html for more information.