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What way can you express into one sentence?

I have to write each one of in one short sentence. How can you write this in one short sentence?

1) In some form he would like to fill the voind in her granmother life and bring her pride and happiness. This would be a small token from his end for all things his grandmother has done for him.

2) With hard work he excelled in academics and extra curricular activities. This built hi self-confidence and the shaped the person he is today.

How can I combined to write it in small one sentence?

Number one is different, and number two is different.

When you answer there should be different answer for number one and number two.

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Try this …

1. He wanted to repay his grandmother for all she did for him by making her life happy.

2. His hard work in school studies and extracurricular activities made hiim the self-confident person he is today.