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am i a nerd? answer bc i need to know but dont be mean about it?

well im 11 and i dont have many real friends in fact i dont have any because when i went to school i had tons of friends like everyone was my friend well not everyone but tons but then my school was pushing ridilin on everyone even tho they didnt have A.D.D so like now im homeschooled i am going to real school this year tho but yeah so right not i have no friends exept online and i have a boyfriend online and im well pretty atractiive i play runescape and im addicted to it so im basicly always online does that make me a nerd?1?!?!?!!?1?1/ i dont like to do my school work/homework but yeah does this make me a [email protected][email protected][email protected]?!??!?!??!?!

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nah…you’re just an introverted person. a nerd is basically a misunderstood genius. Plus, they know how to write properly with all the correct grammar and spelling. At least that’s what all my nerdy friends does.

p.s. being unique doesn’t mean that you will be useful.


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Well, Miss

Ritalin doesn’t make a person high and for those persons who have ADD, it just

helps them to focus, even get some of the stuff the other kids don’t have a problem with.

People who criticise Ritalin have never had to suffer a day in a classroom with

kids that act like monsters.

Many of these kids do well as they grow older, some go to college, some get jobs and do just fine.

If you suspect someone is pushing drugs, tell the principal. If you are taking ritalin, and it is doing anything but

helping you to feel normal, you need to

see the doctor who prescribed it. He would not want you on it if it isn’t working. It is always well to look at the truth so that kids who may benefit don’t go back to doing poorly because the drug got a bad name.

Are you a nerd? I could be wrong, but my hunch tells me no. It’s more the spelling. Nerds usually know how to spell. Are you old enough to be in here?

What about it nerds? Could you spell at ll?


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I think this question is actually the problem, if there is a problem. I understand that you’re worried about not having friends. Friends are important. But being a real friend is more work (and, actually, more interesting) than anything you can do in runescape. For example, I have friends who play runescape together, makes the quests easier when they cooperate. But they’re friends…they talk about their lives and complain, and remember each other’s birthdays, and so on. They wouldn’t have each other in runescape if they weren’t putting the time and energy in for real life.

So, meet people and be friendly to them. It’s hard to make ‘a real friend’ when you’re all about yourself, and right now you’re so worried that you don’t seem to be thinking of the other person. Ask more about the other person than you talk about yourself, to start. Then you’ll be able to find people who are interesting to you, so sharing your interests and concerns (and even fears) with them will make the relationship grow.

Have fun. You’re just at the age where you’re trying to figure out who you are…”the blue hair” stage. ;o) But waiting for other people to tell you isn’t the best strategy. Be your best self, and skip the labels.


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No that doesn’t make you a nerd! I am in kinda the same boat as you.I’m 15 and homeschooled and have more friends online than anywhere else. Infact I find it better because you don’t have to deal with people talking about having sex, doing drugs, or getting drunk over the weekend or night before. If you feel you need friends get out into the world a little bit more, and besome a little more outspoken. Just don’t get twisted in the wrong group of friends.

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Back in my day a computer loving kid would have been nerdy simply because computers were so rare and mysterious to most of the world. Now computers and the net are the norm of experience even for a big percentage of the adult population. All of us that are reading your post are nerdy by the definition you are using.

Eleven can be a really insecure age. It stays that way through most of the teen years to follow. I think a lot of it is because the teen culture can be a socially risky and confusing place for all involved. You don’t want to stick out, but you don’t want to be ignored. You want to fit in, but you want to feel free to be yourself. It is tough no matter whether you are homeschooled or public schooled, rural or suburbs, big school or small school.

I think most adults who survived those years and look back would say you need to have confidence to be who you are, but in saying it they remember how hard that was for them as well. LOL.

Here is the advice I gave my daughter who is going to public high school for her senior year after homeschooling all her life: Examine who you are and who you want to be before you step foot in the doors of the school that first day. Write it down so you don’t forget. If you find that you feel you have to change from that to fit in, then stand your ground. Be who you are and hold tight to who you want to be. Perhaps you will get new information that will make you want to re-evaluate who you want to become, but it needs to be a decision based on facts and values not peer pressure.

It is OK to be nervous. Even adults are nervous in new situations. You will face it every time you move up to a new school, entering college, new jobs, and meeting future in-laws. My daughter experience a few weeks of culture shift but she has the hang of it now. You will feel the same.


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Lol, that doesn’t make you a nerd, it makes you a normal human 😛 (For the record, I’m addicted to runescape too, lol) Over time you’ll start to balance your responsibilities with your the things you WANT to do, it’s part of growing older. For now, just enjoy life!

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There’s nothing wrong with being an attractive nerd. I mean in all honesty if you classify yourself as a nerd so be it. I think you’re more or less addicted to being online, or maybe it’s just a phase. Just remember to be true to yourself because you’re unique.

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Anne H
yes you are since u wanted an honest answer.

You need to learn to connect to other aspects of the world as well. Just like when you talk online…someone who ignores you we take an effort to attract that person to talk to us.

I think the same effort you need to put when it comes to other things besides only online games and online chatting.

Trust me it will be different and it totally builds a different character in you. U are young and this is the time to break out of it and try to connect to others and you will be surprised how much you can learn.

Good Luck


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There’s nothing wrong with being a nerd. I’m a nerd!!! I don’t really enjoy my schoolwork. Don’t worry about not having friends, it comes in life. Maybe you could look for weird kids in school or the kids that seem shy. Usually shy kids aren’t snobby they are just not outgoing so they seem snobby.

—see the chemtrails—


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