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Whats a best book for SAT prep?

I took the test for the 1 time without knowing it i got 130, it was the PSAT not the SAT. It is low for PSAT and SAT. I never had any experience taking it. I am got at math. I bombed on the Reading and the Critical part of SAT. I have about 1 years or so to study/ prepare myself. So by how much do u think my score will increase by. I am learning new Vocaulary words.

SO by how much will i improve based on ur experence?

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I use “The Princeton Review: SAT” prep book. I haven’t taken the PSAT’s yet (I’m taking it next month) but I read most of it over the past month or two and have learned a whole lot. It has different strategies and it explains why that answer is the answer to the question.

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From my experience, the best preparation books were princeton review guide, and the tutorfox new sat guide. Used together, I increased my SAT score by about 200 points. Good luck, and please let me know if you have any more questions