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what is the best way to prepare for AP Literature&Composition? (English)?

I looked at some sample tests on CollegeBoard’s website and I found it to be pretty shocking!

I hardly know much about poetry, or any of those figurative, symbolical words/?

But i am just taking it for my own practice.

I am in 11th grade.and so will 11th grade (1 year) help me catch up? I can try really hard if I want to..I began reading avidly only a year ago, around 20 or 30 books for now. but whenever i check each one of those tests i can only see one book or none of the ones I’ve read at the last Essay.

I also have to prepare for the SAT this year, which will be very stressing. I’ve been studying during the summer myself a little and it is pretty hard! I can’t concentrate at the Essay section..and another thing..my math is very bad…ok! Back to AP Exam! Tell me about it. How did you do it people?

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READ!!! Read everything and anything..fiction, biographies, poetry, newspapers, magazines…all of it. Any word you run across that you don’t know, look up and start a word bank by writing the word, part of speech and definitions on an index card. You may want to look it up in the thesaurus as well to include any words that are similar. As for AP exams and SATS, there are some wonderful study aides out there in the form of books and online resources. Also, many of the tutorial centers such as Kumon offer classes to help you learn how to study just for these classes and tests. Some schools offer them as well…jump on them if you can.

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Good For You!!

When I was in college, I’d get the Cliff Notes to go w/ the book – especially books that were full of symbolism, metaphors, etc – to help me understand everything as well as prepare for the written tests after. They are not cheating if they are used as a companion to the piece.

Poetry is an entirely different world! Try looking up the works on the web … you are sure to find discussion groups about them.


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Well, if the class requires many essays… Maybe make sure that you understand sentence structure (at least well enough to get your goal grade). Also, brush up on your spelling and grammar? Understand and be able to write all types of essays. Persuasive, compare/ contrast, descriptive, narrative, etc. If you have to critique and break down the symbolism and other literary elements of poems, short stories, essays, or even novels maybe practice that if you can find a work book or something (with what your conclusions/answers should be close too). I had a work book that had several poems which gave a variety of questions.