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Native American scholarship info?

I want to know where I can get the native american scholarship info, like where do I go, how much indian do I have to be, is it limited to certain colledges

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It varies depending on the scholarship ypu apply for and also what tribe your ancestors were from. I’m Cherokee, so if I wanted to find scholarships that apply to me, I would Google “Cherokee scholarships.” Each scholarship has different requirements on whether or not you have to be full blooded, half, etc. to apply.

Also, most every scholarship site asks for your nationality and background in order to notify you of scholarships pertaining to your particular heritage. Some good scholarship sites are:




If all else fails, contact your college financial aid office, as they may be able to guide you in the right direction.

Good luck!


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Oh what a delightful individual you’re! Misinterpreting solutions, then insulting human beings that get on right here and supply stable documents approximately this subject count. you could desire to suck a dick, you impolite f-r. look, you could desire to be a recognized tribal member or qualified descendant (CDIB) with a view to be eligible for scholarships, whether tribal or BIA larger ed, or inner maximum business enterprise. they don’t in basic terms supply money out to each “area-Cherokee.” which would be insane! you recognize how a lot of human beings make those claims?? in the journey that your loved ones did not get their young ones enrolled, then they might have forfeited their tribal association. and then lower back, you will have a narrative it is exaggerated or fake. the two way, you could desire to certify your lineage so which you will properly be vetted with the aid of “your” tribe. it is the way it works. each actual, enrolled tribal member of each blood degree (finished to a million/sixty 4) has to show their lineage and households tribal association. Why might you be any exception? answer: you’re actually not. And FYI those government scholarships are with the aid of BIA and it fairly is a million/4 requirement WITH tribal blood degree qualified with the aid of a CDIB son. the yankee Indian college Fund scholarhips additionally require a million/4 and enrollment. inner maximum and tribal scholarships oftentimes have not got a blood quantum requirement yet are in accordance with enrollment prestige. Now F off “Cherokee.”

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FIRST, if you don’t have a roll number and CDIB get one.

you can NOT make any headway without these 2 documents.

Be prepared for a nightmare of paperwork.

They most likely will tell you to ask your own tribe FIRST.

To get your enrollment, varies tribe to tribe. Call them up and ask for an “enrollment packet” and ask “if the books are open” IF the books are closed that means they are not adding to the roll books. Which means your gonna have to wait till they open up again.

For the enrollment packet your going to need your “Family Tree” back to the last member of your family that was “Enrolled” with the tribe and that persons roll number. Birth, death, marriage certificates for everyone from then to YOU.

The Mormon church are GREAT record keepers, and they don’t even try to convert you. It’s a small copy fee, but all it takes really is a phone call.

Good Luck, hope the site i sent helps.

The search string was “American Indian College Fund”


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Get free scholarship info here:



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I,m not sure how much you have to be, but you can get that kind of info from any college. You can also google it.