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what is ur suggestion to a almost broken student?

i am a fulltime worker, i tried to be a fultime student meanwhile,but it didnt work.

last year, for the matter of my payments and not being a california resident(so i wasnt able to get financial aid) i had to work fultime,now i want to be a fultime student, but i have to pay 850$ a months for my bills onley (food and clothing not included). i am smart,quick learner, but i havent got the chance to study the way i like yet. my only wish right now is to find a a good part time job that can answer my needs so i can study fultime.

i also am not eligable for financial aid because i had more than 10,000$ total income on 2006….if u know any job or if u have any suggestion…plz help me…other than that….pray.

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What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. Are you not a US citizen or something?

There are 3 types of education loans you can get for being a college student:

Federal Stafford Loan- eligibility for this loan is based on financial need. This means it’s possible to make too much money to receive the loan, or if you’re still a dependant of your parents, they may make too much combined income for eligibility.

Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan-This is NOT based on income. Almost ANYONE is eligible. I would recommend you go to the Financial Aid office of your school and inquire about THIS type of loan.

Private Loan- You can apply to MANY different banks or places online for education loans. These are STRONGLY based on credit. If you have bad credit, apply with a co-signer in GOOD standing with their credit!

In ANY case, PLEASE visit the Financial Aid office. They are ALWAYS willing to help you afford going to school, and with living expsnes while attending school. They WILL find a loan for you, and maybe they’ll even find scholarships or grants you are eligible for!


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First, you need to tell you parents to stop carrying you on their taxes so that you can be classified as a Independent Student (will receive a lot more financial aid and you parents income does not matter). You already work full time, which means you should be filing your own taxes. $10,000 is not a lot of money and you should be receiving aid. My sister made $8,000 and her EFC was 0. You should qualify for pell grants. I made $17,000 and I receive 10,500 in student loans but, I did not qualify for any grants. I know it is scary have to take out student loan but, consider it as an investment into your future. This is the best type of debt you can be in.

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Work for an apartment building doing the 24 hour- a -day response to possible problems. In other words be the care taker or “helper” doing the painting and such types of upkeep.

This may include 100% free rent , free computer and computer service, free land line from AT&T, free cell phone services and many other such benefits. This allows you to save your in-hand monies for your school fees and NOT take out any financial assistance. It does work but you better be oriented to this or willing to listen and learn to use tools.




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If you need money to pay your bills while in college, take out a private loan. Federal Loans are sent directly to the school and would not help you pay for things such as rent. Private loans will probably require a co-signer but the check will be sent directly to you. The payments can be deferred until after you graduate.

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there are a lot of people who go to night school at a community college to get their AA degree which later can be transferred to a four year college. You can take one course at a time and pay for it, then take another course and pay for it, and plug along until you take all your courses toward your AA degree. A community college is lesser in cost than a four-year degree and it’s easier courses than in a four year college. .