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abby j

Please need a lot of help on this one! Funding 2nd undergraduate degrees…?

What would an individual have to do if, say, they obtained a bachelor’s degree, spent like 10 years doing something else and then realized that they want to pursue a different UNDERGRADUATE degree? More importantly, they don’t have the $ to fund it and the state/gov. doesn’t give out loans for people’s 2nd degree….

what are this person’s options?

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One way to finance any education is to get a job at the university you wish to attend. full time employees are eligible for tuition remission on a number of credtis a semester, and as long as you meet admission standards, you can usually take any classes you want.

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Jon R
Second undergraduate degrees are incredibly rare. Many schools will not even admit such a student. You really should look into the possibility of a masters. Your specific situation may be better answered by an admissions officer at schools you may be considering.