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what is the best bank to consolidate student loans through?

I need to consolidate my bank loans and federal sudent loans, which is the best. I am looking at citibank right now. Anyone have other suggestions? Thanks.!

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Midnight Train

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You’re going to hate my answer but….

The best bank through which to consolidate students is the one that will give you the lowest interest rate and who will actually approve your loan. This is really something you need to research yourself. The best bank for me or anyone else will most likely not be the best bank for you because our credit reports are different.


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curious george
Usually one of your existing lenders will offer you the most favorable terms. However, you need to shop around and see who offers the best deals. Lenders will offer you cash back, lower monthly payments, and other incentives so compare what lenders are offering you.

Definitely check with citibank first, then I’d also recommend checking out some of the following sites:

http://salliemae.com – big student lender

http://finfo.com – get up to four competing offers, no obligation

http://financialaid.com – student loans and consolidations

http://MyTuition.com – student loans and consolidations

Also, try http://bankrate.com – they might have a rate comparison where you can see all of the incentives and interest rates side-by-side.

Good luck!


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I refinanced all of my loans through Sallie Mae and have have a very good experience with them including a website that is very easy to use.

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All rates will be the same, look for borrower benefits and customer service. Sallie Mae is bad on both. Sorry gang.

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I had a friend who was a financial aid representative and she suggested Sally Mae.