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Please help me Check my study guide….it is so confusing….?

19. The phone caller becomes irate and demands to speak to your boss, saying, “I know she wants to be

interrupted to speak to me!” You should say,

A. “I told you she was in conference!”

B. “I don’t know quite what to do; I’ll go into the conference and ask.”

C. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll put you right through.”

D. “Mrs. Wilson cannot be contacted now, but I will give her your name and number as soon as


20. Which one of the following refers to the people who truly influence decision making within a company,

regardless of their position on the company’s organizational chart?

A. Human resource team

B. Organizational team

C. Informational task force

D. Informal chain of command

21. To properly address a business envelope, you should use

A. boldface type for the zip code.

B. a flush-right margin.

C. all capital letters

D. four spaces between the city and state.

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19. D




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What’s so confusing about that??

Other than that I have no idea what a zip code is!!