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what are some proper ways of using/ handling the microscope?

kindly answer immediately..thank you! 🙂

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You have to hold the neck (the bendable part) and the base, the bottom. Just be careful with it.

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1. While moving the microscope from one place to another, always keep it in an upright position.

2. For cleaning the lens, always use lens paper only.

3. Check the various parts of the microscope before using it.

4. If the microscope goes out of order, do not try to repair it. Notify the laboratory instructor immediately.

5. Locate the object with the help of low power objective first and then with high power objective (if needed). For initial focusing, move the body tube from below upwards.

6. Never move the body tube downwards while looking through the ocular.

7. Never use coarse adjustment while looking through high power objective.

8. While focusing light on the mirror, do not allow direct sun rays to strike the mirror.

9. For natural daylight, plane mirror and for artificial light, concave mirror should be used.

10. After use, always transfer the microscope to its box.


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you must place your palm under the microscope and hold the arm properly,..