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Question about an appeal for FINANCIAL AID for Community College?

I had withdrew from my MATH class which is 3 units. And orginally I was enrolled in 14 units, however I am on the verge of failing this class so I decided to drop it. I know it is quite impossible to bring my grade up, and even if I did try, I would of at least received a “D”. and Financial Aid doesn’t accept D F W or INC. I am currently now enrolled in 11 units, and I do plan to register for a late start class (short term class) that earns only 1 unit (like P.E.) to fulfill my full time status. However, it’s been past the 4th week and they already froze the hours for this term. And they said I might have to appeal next academic year. But the FA office told me that this academic year I will be fine, until netx year, it will be in effect. So If I did have to go through the appeal process what would be a good reason? I am currently receiving A’s in all three classes and one W for the previous class I had dropped. If I receive a 4.00 for fall & spring terms, will they approve my appeal?

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I find it odd that if you get one D it will affect your financial aid, or withdrawing from the class instead but each school is different.

Schools have to follow what is called SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress). There are minimal standards set for each school by the federal government, but each school is different in how those standards are applied, and some go above the minimum set.

You have Qualitative (where you have to maintain a minimum GPA for your grade level), Quantitative (where you have to complete at least the mimimum percentage of all credit hours for which you are registered), and Maximum Time Frame (the point where you no longer qualify for federal aid because you have exceeded number of hours required for graduation in your program of study, including any transferred hours accepted for credit toward the degree).

If you do poorly one semester and fall below the school’s set SAP, then normally a school will issue a “warning” – although there are some schools that will automatically put you in financial aid suspension (at our school we have warning, probation, and then suspension; a student can still get financial aid on warning and probation, but then it is cancelled when in suspension and that’s when a student would have to appeal).

If this would be only the second class you will have withdrawn from then I wouldn’t think it would be a problem for the next semester or academic year. Even though you have already talked with someone in the office, I would ask again to get clarification of their SAP policy.

Good luck!