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Advice on Leadership Project for Tylenol an Talbot Scholarships?

I’m in college and am trying to win a scholarship for Tylenol or Talbot, but I have to do a major Leadership Service Project. Tylenol scholarship is geared for health majors and Talbot’s only restriction is for undergraduate women. Does anyone have any ideas? My major skills are art, reading, writing. I like volunteering in nursing homes and tutoring. Thanks for your help!

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“Leadership” is right there in the project requirement, so you’ll have to influence others to give service or to get educated about a topic that will be attractive to those scholarship people.

In the case of Tylenol, you might start a program that gets people in a nursing home to have access to a light exercise program, with sessions led by you or by you and people you enlist.

If you don’t feel qualified or if the nursing home (sensibly) is nervous about a student taking this on, perhaps you could work with someone at the nursing home–a physical therapist, for example. Or you might take a look at the “Sit and Be Fit” exercise program. It airs on public television here, but you might be able to find it on videotape or DVD. Then the students (and you) could partner with the older people to do that program.

You say that you are skilled in art–how about a group that makes a project with the seniors?

Any of this would work with kids, too–exercise or art are good for young and old.

Good luck. I hope you get that scholarship.


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You could look into developing a reading program for either students reading to the people living in the nursing home or even better have members of the nursing home help the children you know with their reading. An idea my partner has is to get the elderly hooked up on the internet. Teach those who want at the nursing home how to navigate and use the internet. Actually Yahoo Answers would be a great place to get some of the people at the nursing home on so they can share the vast amount of knowledge that is quickly going away. This way it gives them something to do and helps them to feel useful.

Projects like these would probably be an exceptable project for either scholarship.

Hope this helps