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I am so sorry to post this question again. Ok my husband has several loans out with salliemae. I found some letters stateing that ” outstanding interest $770.00″, and our loan is 17,500.00. It states that we are not required to pay any money until 2010, but it says we can pay the full interest or some and it will lower the total amount owed. He has a unsubsidized, while he is in school he is still having to pay interest. I was wondering should I pay the interest?? or can i pay on the principal? And if I pay the total outstanding interest will it keep getting tacked on each month? or is there a certain amount i have to pay then it will be going to the principal? Thanks again,

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I’m not sure ask your mom & dad for some help. each loan is different. the payments could be going to the interest first and then to the loan balance later. I guess you can pay on the principal. save some money in the bank each month to put towards these payments. intrest on loans can be high. get your parents to help you to understand all of this so that you won’t need a loan to pay off a loan. it is hard to get out of any kind of debt. it messes up your credit. try to get it cleared up while you are young. if you should need any credit in the future this promlem you have now ,will affect you later. when you go to buy a house,a car, or need more credit.