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Mariam S

RN and BSN?

I am a Nursing student soon to be graduating with an RN degree in May ’08. I wanted to know more about the test that BSN nurses take upon completion of their education. Is it the NCLEX? The same exact test that RN graduate nurses take? If so, what exactly would be the rationale for studying for 2+ more years to only have the same exam at the end? Thank you. 🙂

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j h

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BSN gets you more pay down the line and almost all nursing supervisory or management positions require BSN… another big reason for BSN is universities like to have the extra income of students being there longer and so they don’t offer RN program…

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Tony W
he BSN is made up of 124-credit hours, 62 of which are prerequisite liberal arts and sciences courses. These may be taken at any accredited four-year or community college. The remaining 62 credits required for the BSN make up the nursing major. Credit for the nursing major courses are earned through a combination of portfolio examination, challenge exams and nursing course work

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Same test for BSN as ADN. NCLEX.

BSN is helpful if you plan on continuing you education, or want to persue management positions.

Some hospitals, nameably the VA, will pay more for BSN then ADN