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Rehabilitated Student Loans?

I defaulted on a student loan and rehabilitated it. I then defaulted again. Is it possible to have it rehabilitated a second time? I have now made on-time payments for over a year again.

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Andrea B

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Rehab is typically a one shot deal. I have only seen those get a 2nd rehab deal when a mistake was made by the servicer, not the borrower.

However, you can consolidate your defaulted loans out of default.

The direct loan servicing center does this on behalf of the US Dept of Ed. Call Direct Loans at 1-800-848-0979


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To rehabilitate a student loan your guarantee agency has to certify that you are a good candidate for rehabilitation. Unless you’ve got some strong mitigating circumstances as to why you went into default a second time, you might find it hard for the agency to make this determination. Your only hope is to talk to the guarantee agency to see if they are willing to work with you a second time.