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Questions regarding Financial Aid for College.?

Helllo All.

I am a senior and will be entering college hopefully in August next year.

1) How can i apply for financial aid??

2) What is fafsa? What does it have to do with College?

3) My dad is worried because we can’t be eligible for financial aid because of high income. Does this hinder/effect anything?

4) Please give me any more tips please. I am in California.

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Great questions! It is quite simple to apply for financial aid..

1.) go to Fafsa.ed.gov — this website is to see if you’re eligible for any type of grants from the govt.. they ask you about your school history, income, parents income, and a bunch of other questions.. let them decide if your family’s income is too high– if it is, they will notify you and will tell you other ways of obtaining financial aid.

2.) You may also want to apply for a Cal Grant.. this is a federal pell grant that you don’t have to repay (free money!)

3.) Go to your college campus financial aid office– they are very helpful in giving you information (i.e. student loans, work-study programs).

Good luck with school!


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To apply for financial aid (free money or loan) you first apply through fasfa.

Fasfa is federal student aid for college. When you apply for fasfa you will be applying for grants (free money) as well as government loans (low interest money) all at the same time. You apply every year.

Families earning over 100k a year can still qualify for federal aid especially if they have more than one kid going to college.

Regardless of whether you think you qualify or not you should apply, as government student loans (fasfa) charge less interest than private lender loans.

Hope this helps.


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Barbara S
Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It’s about student financial aid for your second opinion.