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If I’m POOR is there a scholarship that will pay for my college education?

I’m 17 and I really want to go to college but I have no idea how I can afford it. My grades are good, I have a 3.4 GPA, and I go to a pretty competitive high school, however I don’t have a tough schedule or take tough classes, nothing extra just what I need to take, I understand that I should have challenged myself more but it’s too late.

I dont do sports but I work about 22 hours a week, my mom doesnt have any assets or own anything. My father doesnt support me financially. Is their and organization or website that will pay for me to go to school, I am black if that matters at all. Thanks.

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There is help for someone like you to attend college. Now is the perfect time to start searching for scholarships. If your parents never married, have a legal separation, or are divorced, you only have to place your mom’s income and your income onto the financial aid forms. I recommend applying for help from a variety of sources. I also recommend going with the college who gives you the best financial award with as little student loans as possible because it will help you once you graduate from college. It really helps you a lot. I will include some free resources to locate tuition money for college.

First, complete the FAFSA form in either January, early February, or by the earliest financial aid deadline of all the colleges you apply for admission in your senior year. This needs to be completed each year until you graduate from college. It will take into consideration, your income and savings along with your mom’s income and savings. It will qualify you for the Pell Grant, work study program (brings in cash and work experience), need based scholarships from the college’s endowment fund, and student loans.

Second, the high school guidance office has a list of local scholarships. These are the easiest to get from outside sources than the college itself.

Third, search Google.com and Yahoo.com for any state grants or scholarships for students with excellent grades. Some states call it the Hope Scholarship.

Fourth, the local public library has a book listing scholarships with some not even listed on the web.

Fifth, contact the coaches of the colleges you are interested in to see if you can qualify for an athletic scholarship if you agree to play for their team. It might be a little too late if you are a senior. They can walk you through the process. Contact information can be found on the college’s or university’s official website.

Sixth, some colleges might have scholarships for African American students. You might want to check with their financial aid office.

Finally, join several free membership scholarship search websites, but most of these scholarships are national in nature. All offer a customized search based on information you enter into a form. There is a scholarship for almost anything out there including wearing duct tape to the prom.

Good luck!


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A lot of people go to college … most cannot afford it … take out a loan but make sure you pass becuz it will be big when you graduate … Don’t goof around … This is why they created financial aid … You will be able to get a lot … Be realistic for your career goal …

There are scholarships out there … Check with your guidance consular and search the web … Also attend a community college to get your basics done and try to live at home if you can … You will save a lot of money this way … I have seen people that have a 2.5 get full rides … You have to apply early and to many colleges and see who offers you the most …

I know some schools from the area I am in they offer really good scholarships to attend … Send me a message if you would like to get the names of these schools…

Also when you take the ACT/SAT do your best … And study for it … A high score will help you and it will pay off in the end …

Another option would be go to school part time and work …

You may be able to get grants also from your state if you have a certain low income … Try to stay away from loans and take all the grants and scholarships you can get … Use loans as a last resort …

Apply to all scholarships … you will win some and you will lose some …

Websites that I have used over the years …





I will let you know that if you go into the military/armed forces/navy or something like that you will recieve a lot of scholarships … you will have to barely pay anything and will recieve a very good education …


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k monster
Go to the FAFSA website (I think it’s FAFSA.gov but I’m not sure). There you will be able to fill out a form for government financial aid including grants and loans. Grants you do not have to pay back, and the loans have a super low interest rate that you don’t have to pay on until after you graduate. If you need help with any of the information just talk to your school guidance counselor. They’ll be able to help you a bunch! They should also be able to guide you toward the available education scholarships that you can sign up for at your school. Good luck!

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karen w
go to fastweb.com to start appying for scholarships. get taxes done as early as possible for your mother and yourself so you can do fasfa on the web and it will link you with scholarships and grants. take sat or act and start applying .

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apply for the FAFSA