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if i get no credit in my course will that affect my grade point averge?

also will it look bad on my transcript for having no credit in one of my courses?

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Chateau Man

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From my experience attending college…..

I have had to drop a class or two because my work schedule was too hectic for a period of time. I had to pay for the class, but the GPA was not calculated into my GPA at all. However, my transcript did show that I had a “withdrawl” or “not complete” for that occurance.


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Is it a class that offer no credit or did you drop/withdraw from a class which resulted in no credits?

If you took a no credit class, then your GPA will not be affected. These classes are rare, but they’re out there.

A Pass/No Pass class offer credits but these classes will not affect your GPA.

If you withdraw from a class, depending on the timing of the withdrawal, it might show a W on your transcripts (each school has a deadline on when you can withdraw from a class without showing up on your transcripts).

If you withdraw from a class, it will not affect your GPA.

You’ll always get credit for courses that you COMPLETE. Grades for each course will determine your GPA.