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i want to become a kindergarden teacher?

~how many years does it take?

~how much will college cost?

~what class should i take since i am in high school that will help?

~how much money does teacher get a year?

please help: if you have any other infor that will help please tell me.

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The answer may vary depending on what college you decide to go to, but the most standard answers for going in to teaching are:

**** It will take four years of school to get your BA in Liberal Studies. And an additional year or two years to get your teaching credential. I live in California and my teaching credential only took 1 year, however some schools take two years.

****Depending on what college you attend will determine the amount it will cost you. The least expensive way is to take two years at your junior college, and then transfer to a four year state college. In financing your BA, there are lots of scholarships and Financial Aid and grants available. However, when you are working ion getting your teaching credential, which is your fifth year, grants and scholarships are usually no longer abailable, and can only be paid by financial aid. So, save any extra money you have to pay for that fifth year!

*****In high school you can sign up to work in the classroom through ROP. Many times ROP will allow you to work in either an elementary or preschool setting, and at least observe classrooms and see what is involved in becoming a teacher. It allows for some real hands on experience and observation time to allow you to decide if this is really the career path you would like to take. Excellent opporutnity!!!

****A teacher’s salary depends on location and vary greatly depending on your location. Here is a webpage I found that might help you determine what the pay is where you would like to teaching.


****One of the best ways to gather firsthand information about a career in education is to talk with teachers you know and admire. Find a kindergarten to talk to, or go and talk to your old kindergarten teacher and and ask questions. Current teachers are truly your best resource.

****Visit your school or local career center

****Talk with your guidance counselor

Your counselor can assist you in planning a class schedule that will help prepare you for college. In addition, he or she may be able to arrange for practical experiences such as job shadowing or working in part-time jobs.

High school guidance counselors can also help in the selection of classes required for college admission; high school graduates can then either enroll in a four-year college/university or in a two-year junior/community college, followed by a transfer to a four-year institution.

Hope this helps, and good luck. Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession!!!!


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Teacher Luv to Help
Let us make it simple.

1) Make sure you pick a program in college that the teaching credential is part of the program. This should take 4 years for your BA or BS. If it does not include the teaching credential, add another year to eighteen months.

2) Depends on the college. Make sure, wherever you go that the school is accredited. Regional is better than National.

Plan on $10,000 yearly minimum.

3) It does not matter. Your best bet is to keep your GPA and SAT scores high. English and Math are your main subjects to learn as much as you can.

4) Not enough, it ranges by demographics. It can be as low as $20,000 to start and as high as $50,000 depending on the state.

Remember that you want to be a teacher because you love teaching and do not let money be the factor. You will not get rich being a teacher but the kids make up the difference for me.

5th grade teacher.


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A lot of this is hard to answer with out knowing your area but generally you will need a BA (4years) and a teaching credential. These can be earned at the same time if you pick the right college and program. See academic counselors early and often. Starting now at high school. You should take part in ROP if you can. Most states with community college systems allow seniors in HS to start taking classes before they graduate. That is a great way to speed things up. I would also encourage you to volunteer or work at a child development center to get a feel for the age group and classroom management of young children.

As for salary- the range is huge. Go to the Department of Education websites for your state, county and city. Most publish salary tiers or ranges. Some even by school distirct. Good luck!


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I am allready working on getting my degree, trying to be a 5th grade teacher, so it might be the same.

I took two years of college at a community college, and am doing another year of online courses. After that I should get my Bachelors degree, then get my teaching lisence. I think with just an AA one can teach preschool.

It cost about $7,000 total at the community college, but I got a lot of financial aid to help. My online courses cost about 3,000 per term.

I don’t know of any high school classes that would help. If your school allows you might want to be a teachers Aide, that will give you a bit of a feel for teaching and help you see if that’s what you want to do.

As far as how much money a teacher makes, one of my teachers at a private school said she figured out she made a little more than minimum wage on average.

Hope this helps, and Good luck to you.


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This is very specific to a particular state, but in general:

– it takes 4 years for your BA plus 2 for your credential

– can’t answer that. Can tell you you’ll want to consider decent but less expensive options like state schools, because you will never make up money spent on a more expensive school, unless your scholarship is fabulous, on a teacher salary

– nothing you take in h.s. will help or hurt (except GPA to apply for college). When you are applying for your credential they’ll only look at college transcripts. If you really want kinder, you may consider early childhood ed. for a major, but I’d go with something more general if you want to prepare for elementary as a whole, which would increase job options after your credential. Do your BA work anywhere, do your credential work in the state you want to work in. Credentials are state-specific.

– check your local public schools. Specific teacher salaries are not available, but a district’s salary scale (based on # of years teaching) is public information. You can also search salary.com for info, but it will show averages, not first-year teacher salaries. Generally, they are lower than pay for other jobs in the same geographic area, but how low very much depends on the community. In some places, private schools pay the same as public, a few pay more, and most pay less.


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In michigan (and most all states) you can get your certification in 4 years with a bachelors degree in a teaching program. If you get a bachelors degree in something else, add 1 or 2 years onto that. Many states (like michigan) require continuing education once you start to teach, so you will be taking more classes after you become a teacher.

You could go to community college for two years for about $6000.00 then your last two years at a university for about $20,000.00 (in michigan).

That is tuition only and not books, supplies, or room and board.

Starting teachers get about $32,000.00 to $37,500.00 a year (in Michigan).

You get summers off, but you put in a bit over 40 hours a week during the school year, so the time about evens out (in any state).

i.e. 10 hours extra a week times 42 weeks is 420 hours extra worked during school year.

10 weeks off during summer times 40 hours a week off is 400 hours off during the summer.

Take core classes like math, english, science, social studies. If you can, take extra or ap classes in the subject areas you want to teach (you might not need for kindergarden, but a good subject area with your elementary education will make you more marketable and more likely to get a good position). A good composition class (for writing skills) would be usefull as well for the classes you will have to take in college.


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-Depends on what state you’re teaching in. Some states only require a high school diploma. Other, require at least a bachelors (4yrs) and some require a masters (5-6 yrs). I knew New York requires a masters.

-Depend on where to you to college. Public colleges typically cost around 16,000 a year and private can be around 30,000 a year.

-Child development, and see if you school has any program where you can get ” in the classroom experience”

-Depends on where you teach. In NY teachers median pay is about 40,000


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A kindergarten teacher can be rather stressful. Just think about it, the children you will be teaching will probably know little discipline, along with you having to teach them the most basic things. As they’re so young, it can take them a while to be able to grasp the concept of things. Though if you have the passion and commitment of being one, then it should be fine. Yet, it’s not all pleasant and easy looking.

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miss macy zane
find out if your high school offers a “career path” class where you can volunteer in a class….

you’ll need a b.a. and a credential at the very least….and it will take maybe 5 years….$$ varies depending on where you are teaching…some areas pay really well and others very low…but you don’t get into teaching because you want to make money….