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I need student loan!!!?

Hi, I am currently in DESPERATE need of a student loan. I attend ITT Tech and i got a full pell grant and student loans that cover my whole tuition. I am looking to get a private loan to help me with gas money, while currently looking for a job. I tried Sallie Mae (Tuition answer loan), Chase, Astrive…. DECLINED for not good enough credit…. i used my dad as a cosigner on each application. He is the only cosigner i have… Please help me find a student loan i can get approved for, because driving 76 miles to school is killing me and my bank account.

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i think ITT tech can help i have a friend there she’s

can point you in the right direction.


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I am really sorry to tell you this, but you are getting in way over your head. Student loans will jump up and bite you! The payments start out small, but then they increase over the years. If you do not make enough money to make the payments, the interest builds up and up and up!

Is there a way you can get your credits transferred from ITT to a less expensive college? Maybe a state technical college where the tuition would not be so expensive? Perhaps you could get a scholarship?

Not trying to rain on your parade, but there are a lot of people in financial trouble trying to pay off student loans.

By the way, you cannot cancel your student loans with a bankruptcy if you get sick or unemployed. You are stuck with having to pay it back–plus interest–the rest of your life.

Good luck. I hope you make a lot of money when you graduate. 🙂


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Jimmy John
Maybe a credit card is easier to get. Try Student Credit Cards.

good luck !


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Trixie D

It’s peer-to-peer lending/borrowing. They have been around for over a year and a half and are legit.

Or Google “peer to peer lending.”