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I am transferring from a community college to UNC in Colorado. However i have no idea what to do.?

I know this probably sounds bad but i don’t know what to do to transfer. I have 59 credits at my community college some of which probably won’t transfer to UNC and im majoring in psychology. I think some of them will transfer there but i don’t want to continue wasting my time at this community college if i could transfer to a University. Also, I don’t know how to go about getting financial aid there. Is it the same? i just fill out a fafsa but put in that school code? if my EFC is currently 00000 will my pell still cover my tuition for UNC even though its out of state? How is UNC? I’ve never been there and look foward to it because its not too far and within commuting distance. I’m just all around confused on everything and nobody will help me. I’ve tried talking to my advisor but nobody is telling me what to do. Should i transfer now or get my associates degree first??? i have a headache from all of this. =(

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get your associates degree first. its much easier to get into a good 4 year school with a good gpa from a community college. and please consider double majoring. nothing wrong with psychology, but you will be limited if you do not double major. your second major should be something like business, computer science, finance, management science, maybe a second language if you like a language. as far as financial aid, just talk to the financial aid people at UNC instead of your advisor at the community college. Remember, your advisor does not care about what you do when you leave the community college….only what you do when your there. UNC will be getting your business so they will be the ones to help you out with financial aid questions. make an appointment with them and make an appointment for a tour with them.