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How would you suggest going about applying for scholar ships?

I have been applying for scholar ships like crazy and I have decreed its the root of all frusteration. Is it better to apply for them online or do it face to face with a gear up counselor or guidance counselor at school? I am a senior in highschool, I have a good grade. Any tips?

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The best approach is trying both local and scholarships over the web. The easiest scholarships to get are in your local community compared to the national ones because the national ones have 1000s of applications compared to probably a 100 more or less on the local level. Also, some states do reward high school seniors with great grades with money for college, so it becomes another good reason to see your guidance counselor. I also recommend completing the FAFSA form in January or early February because it can bring need based scholarships. Before you submit an application, I recommend having it proofread by at least an individual or two for both grammar and spelling to make a great impression on the judges. I will include some more free resources on the web to locate college tuition money. Good luck and keep searching and applying!

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Well first learn to spell, because spelling is important in an application. Then work with your school counselor to decide which scholarships you are qualified for and start applying.

It takes a lot of time and work to complete a scholarship application. You have to gather information, references, write essays, etc.. You don’t have to be accepted to apply. Eventually you have to be accepted to a university or community college to use your scholarship. But you could start applying right now.

Also apply for financial aid in January!


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