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how often do you have to pay for tuition?

for college or universities

and is 30,000 alot?

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$30,000 is a huge amount for a semester or a year but not for 4 years.

You pay once a semester or quarter or other term your school offers. I was taking short classes so every 5 weeks but it wasn’t much because it was 2 classes at a time accelerated classes.


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At my school you pay after you register for each semester or quarter’s classes. There are three quarters so I pay three times a year. If you get financial aid or loans, they divide it and distribute it evenly across the number of quarters/semesters that you have. So they won’t just give you all of the aid up front.

$30,000 is certainly on the higher end of college tuition if you compare it to community college or public institutions. Private universities tend to be more expensive though. I know someone who went to art school and it was like $40,000 a year which is crazy!


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Usually you pay two times during the year. Once for the fall semester (August-December) And again for the Spring Semester (January-May)

The actual time you pay is usually early August and Late December. This is important for tax purposes bc you can get an education credit… (another subject)

These costs DO NOT inlcude Room & Board & Books.

$30,000 a year is normal for private schools.

$12,000-25,000 for out of state tuition state school

$7,000-20,000 for instate tuition for state schools.

(just an average range) Numbers will fluctuate greatly depending on what state you live in.


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Library Eyes
every semester you pay for tuition

$30,000 is a lot for tuition only

does that include room and board?

is this a private school?