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could i transfer to a school that is 2 hours away from were i live and how would i get there if i could?

could i use a taxi or bus?anyother i deas would be great because all my friends are there and my parents will not move.

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Yes, you could transfer there but, it has to be like a boarding school. And to get there try a bus or taxi whichever costs less.

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Even if your friends are there do you plan on taking every class they do? Even if you do you really think you will get into the same classes?

Can’t you just be freinds outside of school?

You know how much it could cost a year to taxi to school 2 hours each way? Bus would be a good idea but I’m sure being 2 hours away will be around 3-4 hours bus time.

Do you really have 8 hours a day to ride the bus?

Your only option would be buying a car. I’m guessing if you don’t have the money for a car you’re not going to have the money for gas or insurance. It would still cost you 2,300 a year just in gas. That’s if you only goto school 3 times a week.