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In the American history many states had to struggle in order to gain their independence. This is because in the past most of the states did not operate as single identity states but they were integrated. This used to cause a lot of problems especially because that was the time that there was a lot of slavery in the USA.Most states were enemies to each other as they would really struggle to preserve their identities due to interruptions from other states. There used to be enemity that was created as a result of competition of resources. (Pomery 2003). This made many states to engage in civil rivalry in order to gain control of those resources. It was also difficult to make transactions among the states during sometimes in the year especially during winter. Due to this difficulties William Ormsby was agitated and wrote letter to Stephen A. Douglas seeking that Nevada be made to be a new independent territory. In this essay I will analyze the letter.

This is a letter that is written to the strong needs that the non Mormon settlers in the eastern valley of Sierra Nevada had in order to become a separate territory. This struggles happened in the 1850’s .The letter explains the various reasons why there was urgent need for the state of Nevada to become a separate state. (Beesly 2004). One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there was large population in that area who were not protected from their enemies. (Lukas 2004). The inhabitants felt insecure and so they needed their own government that would

Nevada State

provide them with the security they needed in their lifes.Another factor that made the inhabitants feel they needed to be a separate state according to the letter is the fact that the area had a lot of resources which would be utilized only if they had their own government. Due to these resources they also needed to be more protected. They also felt that they had their own rights just like many other Americans so they needed to be independent. (Hulse 2003).The other reasons why the state felt needed to be a separate territory is the they were surrounded by enemies and so they needed protection by their own government. The other issue that comes out in the letter is communications with other states which became impossible during the winter season. (Reid & James 2004).

Looking carefully at the document its possible to see the real essence why there was need for the state to be by itself. The document carries provides enough facts and that must be one of the reasons why the request was granted. This documents the kind of ideologies that people should have when they are urging the government to cater for some of their needs. Its a good example of ways that people can use to make change happen in the society. There should be empirical evidence in any issue that people need to be addressed. The document also exposes William O Ormsby as the type of people that the society needs to have positive change. His non individualistic character makes the whole state to gain its own control.

In conclusion I feel that his is the kind of character that we should try to have so that we can attain holistic development in our country. The letter also shows that change can be brought in the society in a very gentle way we do not need to be violent so that to force the government to bring the change we need. Such diplomatic ways are the best in bringing change we can belief in.


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Nevada State

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