Blacks only migrated to the United States. You find that most a times, the black usually move to the united states in search of increased standards of living say education and jobs. Most of the immigrants to the United States are blacks. Racism is one of the central features in the united states society since blacks and other people of colour are have discriminated so much in many fields. You find that most of the blacks and even the black Americans are usually discriminated on their race. For example in the areas of employment, blacks are usually seen as unproductive and hence discriminated in these areas. Its argued that most of Its forms have recently changed but, in this case we only need to look no further than the rates in unemployment which black people normally face, the rising levels of property by the blacks as when compared to the citizens of that country and, life expectancy rates, incomes as when compared to the citizens of that country and the stereotypes in the mass media in order to understand that racism and racial inequality still remains in the united states. (Allport, 2003).

The value of racism that is examined in this case is that historically we find that racism can be analyzed as a central aspect of most of the economic system. In this case I can examine the Marxist theory which says that racism is supposed to only serve the capitalists or even the wealthy in the society at the expense of the suffering few. Also in the theory colonialism, many groups have come up with many theories that based their arguments and challenged racial injustice. All this is said to have happened in the early 60s and 70s.This theory needs to be modified and it’s also relevant to examine the United States societies although it needs to be modified, it is relevant to examine the United States societies and its impacts to the blacks who live in the United States. (Butler, 1997).

In the dual labour market, you find that the blacks are usually neglected in both the public and the private sectors. The issue of wages has been dodged by controversy which leaves us with the question of what can be considered as the right wages. A right wage can be said to be a compensation for a service offered which equals the amount of effort that was used in the service. Going with the labor theories, employer has a moral duty of ensuring that they pay the


employees a wage which is equal to their input in their services. An engineer will not be expected to be paid the same amount of wage as a casual laborer. These are some of the segmentation in the labor market that we have to agree with. But in most of the dual sectors that is the public and the private sectors, you find that, blacks are usually discriminated and usually do hard work with only small wages. (Butler, 1997).

Institutional discrimination is also evident in the blacks who stay in the United States. In most of these institutions, you find that blacks are usually denied access to some of the institutions.Ofcourse institutional discrimination is something which blacks have faced for quite a long time. For example, during the early times, blacks were forced in to institutional slavery. In this case, blacks were usually captured and taken as slavery by the American. Even today some of these cases do happen since you find that most of the blacks who go stay in America are forced to do hard work since they are discriminated in certain institutions. (Butler, 1997).

Double jeopardy does not happen to the blacks who live in the United States. Double jeopardy can be taken as the case when a criminal is supposed to be tried for a second time of the crime committed. In this case, blacks are not double jeopardized since there is a law which governs human rights and even for the immigrants who live in the United States. (Allport, 2003).

Redlining also happens to the blacks which live in the United States. Redlining means the case when the costs of living are increased or even denied to some groups of individuals. But for this case, the blacks are denied their standards of living despite the human rights constitution which states that immigrants should be protected. In this case, redlining can be seen in various accesses to jobs. Most of the blacks are usually denied access to job facilities and are mostly supposed to do the casual activities over there. There costs of living are low as when compared to the citizens of that country.Evvironmental justice is also accorded to the blacks who stay in the United States. You find that the human rights act which is set by various non governmental programs to help protect immigrants who come to unites states have been applied in most of these cases. People have the right to move to any country and enjoy the benefits of that country just like anybody else. Affirmative action can be seen in the areas of employment. Out of research, it has been found that employer support for affirmative action has a significant and positive influence on the blacks who stay in the United States and this can be seen at the higher job levels. (Allport, 2003).



Blacks are one of the ethnic groups in the United States. They migrated to the United States in search of jobs, higher education and also increased standards of living. Despite their movement to these places, they usually face a lot of discrimination. For example they face a lot of racial discrimination. You find that the blacks are usually denied access to various jobs but the only job they can easily access is the casual job.



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