Description of the Culture in China

I. Chinese Government

Brief History

The history of the Chinese governance dates back to about 3,500 years ago making it the oldest major civilization of the world. The area under China today gas been ruled by different dynasties which developed s bureaucratic system of domination that made agrarian revolution China advantageous over the neighboring communities which on the other hand were nomadic. The last dynasty, Qing survived until the 19th century when it weakened and also affected by the western influence due to interaction withy Britain, Russia and other powers from the west. The Qing dynasty was not ousted bout of power when the Republic of China was formed but the power was transformed peacefully by allowing some of the officials of the Qing to hold position in the government with the republic of China having Yuan Shikai as the first president U.S Department of State. (2009).

Chinese Government Today

The government has three divisions, the state, the Chinese Communist Party and the Peoples Liberation Army. The current Chinese government is dominated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The party is said to be authoritarian in nature particularly in implementing its ideologies. The basic structure of governance is that the president is the top government official heading the state, there is a National Peoples Congress (NPC), and the state council, U.S Department of State. (2009).

II. Chinese Economy

Description of the Culture in China

A Brief History

The economy of the Chinese people has been relatively stable since 1979 despite the fluctuating inflation rates and occurrence of depression all over the world. Since the agrarian revolution, china has managed to produce food for its citizens and improved farming considerably until the 19th century when it had to adapt western civilization to overcome economic difficulties. In the 1980s, the country had to find policies that could take through to the

21 st century successfully, with that it sought to use a combination of central planning and market oriented transformations to enhance production, standards of living, quality of technology without exacerbating the inflation, budget shortage and rates of unemployment, U.S Department of State. (2009).

Where Is Chinese Economy Today?

Currently, the Chinese economy has developed a great deal, its becoming a threat even to the American considering that its dominating the world market. In 2003, the energy consumption in China exceeded that of the Japanese making is second largest consumer after the US, currently it has surpassed the US in Oil consumption and its the world leading consumer of oil. China is also a most preferred nation for international business since its very strong as a export nation, its very populous hence availability of ready labor and market and so on (Abeysinghe & Lu 2003).

How Does Chine Fit Into The World Market?

The industry development in China places it a very critical position on the international scene in terms of business and the world market in particular. China operated major industries like iron, petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers, consumer products, electronics, automobiles and telecommunication. These have become a necessity in the modern world making China very crucial participant (Ralston 1999). On the other hand China is the most populated nation in the world and hence one of the largest consumers as well as producer of farm products. China has

Description of the Culture in China

also managed to make alliances with the western nation like the US to produce world class technology (Abeysinghe & Lu 2003).

III. Chinese Education System

A Brief History

Education in China is considered to be of primary significance and following establishment of the republic of China, education was instituted to enhance cultural growth as a foundation for developing the nation. With a population of 500 million by 1949, illiteracy level was 80%.

Education policies had to be adjusted to increased enrollment, 99% of school age children are now joining schools, and drop out rate is very low and currently 90.9% are literate(Abeysinghe & Lu 2003).

What Is Education In China Like Today?

The Chinese education is more socialist oriented. It has increasingly become very competitive at they view it as a stepping stone to success. The government has also made mandatory that children attend primary school to attain elementary education. This is a law enforceable by the government (Abeysinghe & Lu 2003). The goal of the education is to produce productive citizens who can work to serve the community

IV. China As A High-Tech Nation

Define High-Tech Nation

Description of the Culture in China

A high-tech nation id a country that has greatly advanced its use of technology, as in it applies it to almost every aspect of daily life. It’s a country that shows remarkable use of the industrial productions and advanced technology (Ralston 1999).

Does China Meet This Definition And If So How?

China is definitely a high-tech nation simply because its citizens have ready access to technology and can use it in almost every aspect of their lives. China has well educated and experienced engineers and other scientists who have seen the country develop very important types of technologies ranging from weaponry, automobiles, domestic products and telecommunication (Ralston 1999). China is described as a developing high-tech country bearing in minds its capability to use its expertise for defense issues, communication and other industrial innovations. Furthermore, China is currently involved in collaborative performance with 20 other nations For instance; the China _US collaboration to venture into 19 projects under magnetic bound nuclear fission research. In essence, the Chinese high-tech advancement has becomes an international research and development enterprise, U.S Department of State. (2009).

V. Conclusion

According to the financial analysts, the Chinese economy and general advancement in terms of technology as well as other aspect of the country’s welfare, has increased considerably. The US now faces a challenge from China more than any other nation in the world. The reason is that the Chinese have come to perfect their market research, improve on corporate management, and become sophisticated in design. This again becomes very complicated to understand how the Cines have made considering that until 1949, their political leadership had isolated them from then world and it never took part in any significant manner to develop world economy. However the economic reforms from the 1970s have placed the country on a different path, an emerging force bound to become the largest economy in the world.

Description of the Culture in China

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