Introducing new service


When introducing a new service to a company research is need. The research will help to evaluate the effect, the benefits or the anticipated problem associated with the introduction. The results of the research should be inline with the subject of study and should be able to be implemented. For a good research to be done, a research proposal is needed. A research proposal is a written document that defines the research to be done and how the research would be done. When a research proposal is passed it act as a contract between the researcher and the management. It is the frame work through which the success of the research would be evaluated.

Preparation of a research proposal

Problem identification

The first step in a research is the identification of the research problem (Davis, 2005). The researcher and the management cooperate in identification of the problem. The research problem is the reason why the research is proposed. The problem represents the management concern towards the research study (Davis, 2005). In the introduction of the a new service the management may be concerned with issues such as the cost of the new service, technology availability, challenges in implementing the service and effect of the service to the company’s profitability. The researcher should do preliminary research by interviewing the management and other stake holder so as to identify the real problem of concern (Pellissier, 2008).

Problem analysis and formulation

Introducing New Service

The concerns of the management identified during problem identification are analyzed to give a problem statement or hypothesis statement. This is a statement that captures and defines the research objective (Pellissier, 2008). Problem statement convert management concerns to a research question that is capable of being investigated. It is an analysis and a summary of these concerns. From the problem of statement the management is able to decide whether the research is worth further study. Some factors would determine whether to continue: The value of the study, whether the research is a priority, whether the research problem is researchable and whether there are available resources to continue with the research (Davis, 2005). If the research problem is found to be of high priority the further steps are allowed.

Research proposal

From the interaction between the researcher and the management a research proposal is prepared. This proposal capture the management’s concerns and summaries the research problem. The research proposal answers the questions, why the research is done, how the research would be done and when the research will be done (Bell, 2007). It defines the scope of the research; identify the data to be collected, the methodology to be used, and how this data would be analyzed. It also defines how communication between the researcher and the management would be done. This proposal acts as the frame work through which the research would be carried out. It gives a guide line to both the researcher and the management (Bell, 2007).

Benefits of research proposal to the management

The management should be fully involved in the preparation of a research proposal (Bell, 2007). By insisting on a well developed proposal the management is able to be assured that the researcher understands the problem of study. It also ensures that the researcher carries out the right research. Passing of the proposal implies a contractual agreement with the researcher (Davis, 2005). The management would be able to enforce what is agreed on in the proposal. The research proposal allows the management to evaluate the research method and financial implication of the research. The expected result of the research is evaluated to see its value. A decision is able to be reached on whether the research is feasible and if it is of high priority. In

Introducing New Service

addition, the involvement of the management ensures that the research would result in the desired information (Pellissier, 2008).

Benefits of a research proposal to the researcher

The process of preparing the research proposal allows the researcher to understand the management concerns. Through the interaction with the management the researcher is able to understand the real problem of concern (Bell, 2007). The acceptance of the proposal by the management will assure the researcher that he is carrying out the intended research. This process also allows the researcher to think critically through the research process (Davis, 2005). He is able to anticipate results and challenges. This makes it easier for him to carry out the research.

The proposal has the plan for the research. This plan state the strategy to be used to carry out the research. This helps the researcher to focus on the stated problem as in the proposal.

The proposal is the formal agreement between the management and the researcher. This proposal acts as the frame work through which the researcher would be evaluated. Thus the proposal guards the researcher from unrealistic expectation of the management.


To both the researcher and the management, a research proposal is an important document. The preparation and the passing of the research proposal allow the researcher and the management to have wide interactions. These interactions give insight on the nature and the scope of the problem. It also ensures that both researcher and the management are handling

Introducing New Service

the same problem. In addition the proposal acts as formal contractual document for the agreement between the researcher and the management.


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