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The most critical element in the establishments of a team in any project is the development of a charter and also its acceptance. This is usually a document that is written which will define the mission, scope of the operation, the objectives which the project want to attain the frame of time that the project will operate and also the consequences that will result out of the project. The development of charters can be done by the management team or either team involved in the project can do the preparation and present the charter to the management. In any of the above case it is necessary to follows some guidance which will help to develop a charter that will be effective. For a project manager who may not be a profession in the development of charters it is important to put the following factors into consideration which will help in the development of the charter. (Haugan 2002).

The length of the IT project charter will depend on the size, importance and the complexity of the IT project. If the IT project is complex then a detailed charter is needed and vice versa. The charter should contain the following: the business case which will show the financial impact of undertaking the IT project, it should also contain the statement of the problem which depicts the main issue or the problem that the IT project is designed to solve. Then it should show the scope of the project where it is supposed to show what the project will include and also what will not be included in the project. It should have a goal statement which acts as a guide during the

IT Project Charter

evaluation of the project to show if the project is running in a success path or not. The objectives should also be underlined in the charter in measurable terms. (Haugan 2002).

It is of great importance that the charter should have milestone. This will be the critical steps that will be involved in the running of the project. These steps should be formulated in a way that they should follow each other in a logical way. The charter should have show how all the steps involved will be implemented to make the project be in a position to meet its goal or purpose. The charter should also depict the deliverables. These are the end products which will be gotten out of the project. It is important that the charter be show specifically the expected results so that at the end of the project it will be possible to gauge the extent by which the IT project has succeeded or where it has failed. Another important aspect that the IT project charter should have is the budget. This will show all the resources that will be required to run this project to make it a success. This will help the manager to find out if there are enough resources or not and make the necessary decision in either case.

Therefore it is important the IT project charter which the manager prepares should have the following characteristics: It should eliminate any confusion, have clear boundaries, provide accessibility to necessary resources, identifies the delivererable products which are expected and also have a clear definition of the components that the project will have. (Haugan 2002). With these characteristics it will assist in giving guidance along the implementation and it will also act as the bases of the IT project.

IT Project Charter


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