Proofreading Services

Proofreading is the comprehensive and critical review of the content and format of a piece of writing for the purpose of improving it. Proofreading services, whether done by the author himself or a hired third party, are important part of writing as they ensure that the message contained in a piece of work is communicated just as the author intended without any dilution or alteration of meaning. However its is always advisable for an owner of a particular piece of work to assign the task of proofreading to professionals as it is usually common to find that no matter how many time one proofreads his work he will always overlook some error. This is because when an author proofread his own work he already know in advance what the piece of writing is trying to communicate and will not have difficulty in making sense of words that a third party reader will have problems with.

We are a writing company that offers proofreading services for all academic writings, from proofreading essays to proofreading term papers, research papers, articles, reports, books, thesis and dissertations among others. Our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for English proofreading services from people of all academic levels. All our proofreading editors are experts. We have a team of proof reading services providers who have the expertise in a wide range of academic discipline and have vast experience and skills in writing. At our company we provide comprehensive proofreading services, which covers all aspects of grammar and document formatting. We check for spelling and punctuations mistakes, use of correct grammar, the language flow and the style of document formatting.

Our proofreading services providers are well conversant with all styles of writing and are capable of perfectly editing your document to the requirement of your instructors. We also do plagiarism check on behalf of our clients. We use the most advance plagiarism detection software to scan our clients work for any form of plagiarism. In addition, our proofreading services also involve assisting clients in organizing their work in terms of arrangement of chapters, writing of references, table of content among other services. While offering proofreading services we do not rush over a piece of work just to get it done with, but instead every obscure detail is put into consideration and under strict scrutiny.

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We guarantee confidentiality to those who seek proofreading services from us. Our clients maintain exclusive rights over any work we do on their behalf. In no circumstance do we share, sell or distribute our clients work to third parties outside the company or upload them in any database. Our proofreading services providers always keep up to date with the most current proofreading and editing journals, manuals, publications and thesis to ensure that they are always remain inline with every new development in academic writing.

We offer our proofreading services in the shortest time possible. In case you have a deadline to beat, you don’t have to worry when you come to us. We will proofread and edit your work for you and deliver it to you in good time to enable you to meet your deadline. Getting proofreading services from us is very convenient to many as we offer the most reasonable prices in the market. Our proofreading services are also easily accessible as we are always open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.