Reasons for applying a job at SK C&C

SK C&C is a global company under the umbrella of SK holding company. You offer outsourcing service in the area of information technology. Your services include IT consulting, system development and system maintenance. You offer your services to different industries in public sector, telecommunication, energy, logistics and service. Your vision is to become a global U-service leader by bringing happiness to your customers. You have global customers from different part of the world. Your success in the global market depends on your global expert. You aim at delivering high quality services thus you recruit individuals with high quality personalities. I consider myself to have these qualities that you need to achieve your vision.

My education back ground and experience in the area of accounting is in line with your objectives and vision. My training in accounting at associate degree and at the bachelor level has given me analytical capacity in the area of accounting. I have been trained in international accounting principles and book keeping which will be of value in global business.

My experience in the area of accounting would allow me work effectively at your company. I have worked as a volunteer Income Tax Assistant at Lakeland collage through its VITA program. From the program I have gained experience in corporate financial handling. I also got an opportunity to deal with clients. My supervisor has been satisfied with my work and has helped me improve in my area of weakness. Campus Crew gave me experience in dealing with people. I was assigned responsibilities in allocating room to student and receiving and dealing with complains. I also collected Cash on behalf of the College.

Having evaluated my qualification and experience alongside your goals and values, I feel confident that give opportunity I would be of valuable contribution to your success. In addition I will have an opportunity to work for values I treasure.

Reasons for applying a job at SK C&C

My Strengths and weakness

Your company aim at high quality of services. These services depend on the strength of your staff. Being a global company you need a person who has global qualities; a person that would enhance your global activities. I believe that my strengths would of great help to your success.


– I am critical and analytical. I do not take things at face value but dig dipper to understand. Before doing something I make well thought decisions.

– I have determination. I have trained myself in doing things by myself. This has allowed me to be able to work as an individual.

– I communicate and interact easily. I am fluent in Korean and I can speak and write both Japanese and English. I am at ease in working with people. I can listen and give instructions in an easy manner. I have the ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

– I am good at working in a group. I am able to cooperate and contribute in a team work. I listen and respect other person’s opinions. In addition I do not hesitate to express my opinion.

– I am friendly and accommodative. I associate with other people in a friendly manner. I am able to peacefully resolve problems.

– I work hard and manage time. I work hard to achieve my goals and aspirations.

– I am innovative and initiative. I look for easier ways for doing thing.


– I do tend to overwork. My passion for service leads me to deny myself free time. I also tend to be overcritical thus taking considerable time with my assignments.

Reasons for applying a job at SK C&C

Global Experience

I have been fortunate to have travelled to various parts of the world. In Europe, I have visited many countries of Europe. I have been to Britain Germany, Italy, France and Netherlands. From the travel I was able to interact with people of Europe and shared in their culture and way of life. In South America I have been to Colombia, Mexico and Peru. In Asia I have travelled to Japan, China and Hong Kong.

From the countries that I have travelled, I have been able to meet people from different races and back grounds. By interacting with them I have learnt to understand and deal with people. From the trips I was acquainted with different cultures, needs and way of life of these people. I was able to meet and make friends with many people during my travel. I have been able to retain majority of these friends. During the trips I was made familiar with various cities of the world. In addition I got experience in the legal and travel requirements of various countries. In addition I was able to meet many professionals in the area of accounting, information technology and other fields.

SK C&C has customer from various parts of the world. You work with client from different cultures and languages. My experience in various part of the world would of benefit to you. Given a chance I would be of assistance in international duties. My understanding of different cultures and way of life of different part of the world would be of assistance in business planning. My many friends from different part of the world would be of assistant in networking and understanding international market. My knowledge of different cities of the world would assist in assignment to these cities. My understanding of legal and travel requirement of different countries of the world would be of assistance in effective performance of international duties.