Evaluation of Leadership


Leadership is a very important element in the success of any institution or corporate. The quality of influence determines on how the human resource in an institution is utilized and in consequence the success of an institution. However staff training and leadership instruction program become ineffective due to lack of follow up and proper structures for evaluating leadership in the institution or the corporate. Constant ongoing evaluation of leadership would allow growth in leadership skills and improvement in overall performance of the institution. One of the way for evaluation leadership in through the use of leadership evaluation scorecard.

Leadership evaluation scorecard

The leadership score card would assist the human resource manager to assess the benefit of leadership training programs in the institution or the corporate (Phillips, Schmidt, 2004). The score card would aim at; convincing leaders to do something new, motivating peer in thinking in different way, contribution in decision making, influencing human resource department to make some changes, contributing in entire organization change of direction and making sure that the organization adopt the changes.

The score card will set questions that would be answered (Phillips, Schmidt, 2004). The response to the questions would give reflection on whether the leaders promoted have demonstrated leadership skills in their roles; whether they demonstrate maturity and reliability; whether they are able to establish good working relationships; and whether they are passionate in their capacities (Phillips, Schmidt, 2004). The score card will also evaluate whether the leadership, managers and supervisors, receive the necessary assistance from their departments. In addition the scorecard would evaluate how the supervisors relate with their subordinates and the techniques they use in their leadership.

Evaluation of Leadership


A lot of corporate resource is used in training leadership. Evaluation of the leadership shills would ensure that there is success in these skills. It will also ensure that the overall leadership in the institution and corporate is improved. Though better leadership, workers conflicts will be reduced and the general performance of the institution of corporate will be improved.


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