Ways That Assists In Working Or Explaining A Given Difficulty


Heuristic refers to ways that assists in working or explaining a given difficulty, usually unofficial. It is mainly utilized for a technique that would give a more reasonable explanation to the best available response. They involve making well-informed deductions, instinctive ruling or use of logic. It involves use of the readily available information though slackly relevant to obtain solutions to human beings and machine problems.

The boss relied on anchoring and adjustments heuristic to conclude that the Volvo cars are not effective and efficient as they are poorly manufactured, hence his brother in-law Volvo car encountered machine operating problems. This heuristic explains the ordinary human probabilities to incline too much on certain information to make daily decisions. In this kind of heuristic, an individual uses one feature of given information, and then becomes inclined heavily to that feature to a point of bias. An individual only argues according to that feature regarding a certain machine or human being. In simple terms, an individual uses that feature to make conclusions on the condition of given type of machine in general. This kind of heuristic changes an individual view of a certain object or human being, despite the quality or condition in real life. For instance, the boss believes that the Volvo cars are not that good, despite the world recognition of the car as being of high quality. In a way, it affects his estimates or probabilities, as he only uses one case to generalize on the quality of all Volvo cars.


In order, to convince the boss that the Volvo cars are the best kind of automobile to be bought, I intend to apply the availability heuristic to convince him. This kind of heuristic utilizes the easily available information to estimate the occurrence of a given occasion. For instance, I will use the available information about the Volvo and its brand of cars. For instance, I will utilize the same model of the Volvo car that his brother in-law had purchased to persuade him that though the

Ways That Assists In Working Or Explaining A Given Difficulty

engine broke down, this is rare case with the Volvo cars and that using a single incidence to make conclusions on the range of Volvo cars is not right.

I intend to provide him with the information about the Volvo Company and its range of the cars. This include Volvo is one of the maker of lavish models of vehicles including sport utility vehicles, convertibles and sedans, to squashed high class vans and sport cars. They have 2500 dealers spread globally in more than the 100 bazaar, with 60 percent of its sales originating from Europe, 30% from North America and 10% from the rest of the world. Their cars have a status of producing high safety cars with protection dashboard, rear-facing child seat with safety belts and their cars are fitted with side-impact protection system and whiplash protection system to protect travelers from side and front impacts of an accident.

In addition, their cars are fitted with personal car communicator to assist the owner check the cars security status, set the alarm and lock the doors. This feature is new to the car manufacturing industry with only Volvo cars having it. The cars are fitted with heartbeat sensor and automatic break signal to know whether there is anyone hiding in the vehicle and warn the motorist behind respectively.

The cars are fitted with roll control stability and roll over protection systems to maintain the safety of the travelers in case of car accident or rolling over. This ensures that maintain its stability even at high speed. In terms of fuel usage and speed, the vehicles are fitted with fuel saving gadgets or systems to avoid wastage of fuel. More so, the car engines are tested regularly before being offered for sale, this ensures that the customers get the best quality cars. In case, the car is found with technical problem, then it is immediately returned to the factory for fixing and the owner compensated immediately. This good will of the company has earned a good name to its worldwide loyal customers.


Ways That Assists In Working Or Explaining A Given Difficulty

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