A Story about an Immigrant

A Story about an immigrant

Fabian Villalobos lived with his family in south México. He has a brother and a sister, in total they were five in their family His father was a teacher while his mother was a cook. Fabian spent his early life in Oaxaca where he grew and schooled until high school. In his child hood he took care of cows, goats and sheep in the beautiful slopes of south México. After completing high school, Fabian got a job with a paper company where he worked as he studied. The work in the paper factor was hard. Fabian had to wake up at 5 AM in the morning and report to work by six. He would work until 4 PM. From there he would go to college where he studies business administration. Balancing his job and study was not easy. His father though could not afford to meet his studies cost and thus he had to work. After a struggle Fabian decided to drop out of school.

One day Fabian went home tired of work. He met his mother likewise tired. “Mother, Am tired of this life! Working but without anything to show for it” Said Fabian. His mother answered him “México is not the best place; you have to bear with the truth”. Fabian mother was right; Life in México, then, was not easy. There were fewer opportunities. “Why not go to America? There are more opportunities there. No body sleeps hungry if he has guts to work”. There frequent emigration of people from México then. Then Fabian thought “I want to go to America”. He decided to start saving the little he could be able so as to facilitate his emigration.

When Fabian first immigrated to America He had challenges. One of then was that he did not know any body in the United States. At home he had left his family and friend and he was in a new country where he had not even one contact he could turn to. In addition, despite the savings he had made, He did not have enough money for rent and for buying food. He knew little English to properly express himself. For lack of money he started to live in the street and looked for food in various places where free food and clothing were given to any body who wished. Fortunately for his he got a job after three weeks of struggle. From his earning he could afford to rent a small room to rest after work. For the first month he slept on the floor for lack of a bed. After working for two months Fabian got a better job as a sales man in a company. This

A Story about an Immigrant

gave him an opportunity to apply a few skills he had learnt.

It was difficult to work in America without good English. His new job as a sales man especially challenged him. The new job had a flexible schedule and thus Fabian decided to register for English classes. He would work during the day and then attend classes in the evening. His new job was interesting, every experience was new. He met new and people good people that appreciated him as a person. The money he was earning was not enough. He could not afford a good house.

In the course of his duties Fabian met other Mexican who also worked in California. A first he felt so much delighted to meet them. One of them was Monicah whom he fell in love with. Monicah parent had gone to California with her while she was ten. Monicah’s parent was generous to Fabian and they donated one of their cars to him. With the car he could be able to go to work and English classes more easily. With the strain in meeting his bills Fabian decided to get a second job which he did.

With two jobs and a class to attend, Fabian was really strained. He had to keep working for long hours to meet his needs. His relationship with Monicah was also strained. Life in America started to be boring; many of the people he met had different cultures. He would not feel accepted especially due to his accent and poor English. In addition he missed his people at home in México and longed for the slow life there. He always wished for the day that he would be able to go home. He thought that in one year he would have earned enough to invest back home in México but after one year he had not gotten everything he needed and thus he decided to stay on.

He could not continue to keep the two jobs so he decided to drop one and instead register for classes in business administration, which he had not been able to complete at home. He said to himself “May be with a certificate I will be able to get a fulfilling job”. Fabian dream of success did not fade. He still had dreams of starting a business at home in México. In the mean time Fabian and Monicah moved on despite, Monicah’s parent disapproval. With Monicah also working, they could share the payment of bills. Three years in America Fabian could not be able to count himself as an American. He had the memories of his home country. He could admit that America had more opportunities but still he longed for home.

A Story about an Immigrant

Every immigrant has his/her own story. Experience in the new environment is always challenging. Meeting daily need is not always easy for majority of immigrants. In addition many immigrants meet themselves on the wrong side of the law due to their failure to understand the laws of the country. It was luck of Fabian to have followed the right channels. Many immigrants meet themselves in the risk of being deported due to their cheating their way into America.