Job Discrimination in the Security Industry

New data released by the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission in March 2009 indicated that there was an increase of 15% in the number of discriminations that were reported in the workplace in 2008 as compared to figures recorded in 2007 (Daryl, 2008). The commission reported that 95,402 job discrimination complaints were filed during the 2008 fiscal year. Experts have blamed these job discriminations on the current economic crisis.

Job discrimination takes several forms, some subtle and others outrightly blatant (Herring, 2008). The security industry is perhaps one of the industries that are prone to this practice. This is given the nature of job here. Usually, discrimination based on gender, height and age are the most common reported in the security industry. Women are not favored, together with the aged, as it is claimed that they are not aggressive enough to handle security matters. Majority of the guards that are hired by companies in this industry are young, virile men. Women and the aged are not a common sight.

Affirmative Action in U.S Business World

The term “affirmative action” may sound like a cliché in the 21st century. But this is the word that is needed to be circulated around the American business world. Affirmative action programs are still needed in this world. This is given the fact that the conditions in this world call for it. Take the rise in the number of job-related discrimination.

A lot of those who are discriminated in the job matters are members of vulnerable or minority groups. For the security industry mentioned above, women, traditional members of the vulnerable groups, are the major targets. Race is also another form of job discrimination, where African American and other minority ethnic groups are discriminated against.

Job Discrimination

This been the case, the only way that this can be dealt with is through the implementation of affirmative action in the job place. For example, it should be provided that all business enterprises should have a minimum number of women or other members of minority and vulnerable groups. This is what affirmative action in American business world should be like.


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