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There is a campaign for diversity in the workforce. Those advocating for diversity claims that diversity bring about efficiency in work and consequently high production and returns in business. This claim has however been questioned.

Critique of Diversity’s business Case Doesn’t Add Up

To enable diverse people, in terms of race, ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds, to work together employers arrange for diversity programs. These programs are expensive and continuous and thus many corporate institutions spend a lot of money on them. Compared to amount spent on the program the contribution of diversity programs to business returns has been questioned (Hansen, 2009). Evaluation of the effects of diversity program has been based on weak unscientific measurement that can not significantly measure the contribution of the programs to the performance of the business. It thus claimed that the motivation to spending high amount of money on the programs is not performance but social justice (Hansen, 2009). Diversity training fail to bring significant contribution to performance because they are mostly based on creating awareness on diversity but not how this diversity can work together.

Companies that have embraced diversity program still records diversity related crisis such as

Article critique

racial harassment despite their spending a lot of money on the program. The claim that diversity brings creativity could be true but the creativity may not be to the benefit of the company. In addition standard metrics that can objectively support positive contribution of diversity to business performance are lacking. Thus diversity has been promoted based on social justice but not on scientific evidence in a business case (Hansen, 2009).


For diversity programs to be claimed to have positive contribution to performance, scientific analysis and measurement should be used. Corporate spending should be controlled since they can lead to negative effects such as those experienced in the current recession. Before committing itself in any financial spending each company should evaluate the gains and losses against business performance.


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