Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins

Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins


Bottle neck Dolphins are mammals which mainly live in large water bodies which include oceans and seas. They are mainly found fresh water bodies in order to survive. They are biologically classified as follows, the kingdom animalia, phylum chordate and the class is mammalian.

Some Bottle neck Dolphins live along the shore of water bodies while other live in deep seas regions but this depends on locations of their prey. They have hairless bodies and a flat notched tail which plays a major role in hunt.

Hunting Skills

Dolphins have large dorsal fins which help in movement, the fins will a dolphin to quickly attack its prey, the fins therefore play a major role in hunting where if the fins were not large enough it would be very difficult for the dolphin to feed.

movements when the dolphin locates prey. and when it does so it strongly helps the dolphin to swim towards that region and catch the prey. Were it not for the dorsal fins it would be very difficult for the dolphins to hunt. On the other hand the fins help the dolphins to be able to float

Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins

in water for it some times stretches them on the both sides therefore able to balance well and float.

They have no bony support on their bodies therefore they are able to streamed well while trying to reach for the prey .They move softly and without any delay they are able to capture the they intended for. They can be able to penetrate on any gap for they smoothly squeeze themselves and pass through as many holes as they can trying to capture the preys. But if they had the bone support it would be very difficult for them to be able to reach and capture what they had intended to have for if they had tried to squeeze through a given path they would have ended breaking up their bones therefore ending their lives there.

They have streamed bodies which increases their speed while chasing the prey for they are able to penetrate through all the possible paths regardless of their sizes. They will now be able to move at a high speed without any blockage for they are able to go through the possible routes where the prey passes. When they at once sense of a prey they will immediate head to that places without considering the distance due to their high speed movement. Within a short time they will have streamed and already having reached. On the other side the streamed bodies helps them to be able to ‘fight against ‘ the heavy and strong storms and winds for they might try to block the dolphins in their way, but their quality of streamed bodies helps them to move past smoothly against the storms and the wind and now be able to capture the prey.

Due to their large wide open mouth they are able to move freely while it is open allowing the prey organisms to get inside the mouth. As the they have already practiced it they see like it is a normal duty to do so without any worry of other organisms which are harmful to get inside to the mouth. They usually start from one side to the other while the mouth is open severally till the mouth is full. Due to the wide range of the mouth they are able to hold a large capacity of the prey which will keep them satisfied for a given period of time without the worry of hunger. Mainly the preys organisms are attracted which some times forces majority of them to go and get inside for enjoyments purposes but unfortunately they finds themselves already being locked inside therefore unable to escape.

Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins

They have rear teeth which are molar like thus enabling them to be able to crush the prey before swallowing. These teeth play a big role in crushing the bony prey organisms into small sizes and now able to swallow without any problem. Mainly after opening their mouth they may sometimes find it difficult to swallow direct, but now they have a doctor who is their molar teeth which helps in crushing process of the bony like organisms. During the digestion system they usually find it very simple for it has already taken place in it first processes. On the other side they usually use these teeth to scare away their enemies and now they can now feed on the prey organism properly.

Some of the dolphins like the Spinner usually live along the shore of the water bodies which are warm for they are unable to dive into the deep sea waters due to their weight. Now they use their scales and fins to sweep the prey organisms which find themselves accumulating in large quantity along the shore as a result of being swept by the waves and driven there. Afterwards they usually find it hard to go back into the deep sea areas and now hence then establish a permanent life there. Dolphins now take this advantage and at once invade the through swallowing. Mainly the large one uses their fins to drag them towards a given area and then direct into their mouth.

Their eyes are on the sides therefore they are able to see and locate the organism preys across the sea or in the ocean. They can be able see clearly on both sides and sometimes able to identify their enemies when trying to attack them. Through this process they usually locate themselves in the centre of a certain water body so as to see and locate the prey in all directions. After locating they will take their advantage of their streamed bodies and move quickly towards that place and at once capture the organism prey.

Their flappers and the limps are modified together with the bones which are greatly compressed in length and this makes them to occupy large spaces in the water bodies thus enabling them to surround the organism preys and feed on them. Mainly, when the prey organisms are surrounded by the dolphins they usually find it very difficult to escape for all the paths are blocked. At this situation the dolphins opens their mouth and now forces the prey to get inside as they have no other way of escaping. They are then blocked in and find no space to escape or breath thus dies instantly inside the mouth then afterwards they are swallowed.

Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins

Hunting Strategies

Dolphins have highly developed counter current heat exchange system with arteries which are completely surrounded by bundles of veins which helps in preventing heat loss therefore they are able to withstand all the challenges they encounter while trying to capture the organism preys. Sometimes they may find themselves in cold regions and therefore they use their bodies to generate heat hence able to cope with their living conditions.

They mainly live in fresh waters for they do not cope well in the regions that have cold waters especially in both north and south poles due to ice which limits their productivity. Also in these areas they have bad temperatures and mainly affect the living conditions of dolphins even if they can be able to generate allot of heat up to a certain standard. But they may shift quickly due to their streamed bodies and be able to occupy in some spaces. But sometimes they have an alternative whereby they can generate heat and be able to capture the organism prey.

They take large volume of sea water into the mouth causing substantial distention of the throat then they usually closes the mouth and squeeze the water out through the baleen trapping the prey inside. They then swallow them easily for they can not be able to escape to any direction. The dolphin will now stay for sometimes without first feeding.


Dolphins mainly depend on their body characteristics to hunt. They apply them effectively in the hunting process and without straining they are able to feed on the prey organisms. They mainly direct themselves towards the areas with wide range of the preys for they can detect easily on those areas. They have a wide mouth to allow the large number of prey organisms to get into the mouth, their bodies are streamed to ensure that they maintain a high speed rate and they have their eyes on the side which helps them to see and locate the prey organisms. Therefore

Hunting Skill and Strategies of Bottleneck Dolphins

the dolphins depend on their body characteristics to be able to hunt.