Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer


A breast is normally made up three main parts; the glands, connective tissues and ducts. The glands are responsible for milk production, the ducts are the passages of the milk to the nipple while the connective tissue has fatty tissues and fibres that connect and hold everything together. Breasts especially in women have no distinct normality, they vary with individuals. Basically, the way a breast feels is affected by; age, menstrual periods, child birth, weight gain and loss and certain medication. There are different types of lumps in the breast though not all are cancerous. Cancer has been said to be a major cause of death especially among women and it remains a critical issue. This essay shall discuss the basic information on breast cancer.

Description of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease that is characterized by cell growth, change or multiplication usually named after the body part it originates from. Breast cancer is thus cancer of the breast. It is characterized by a malignant tumor that develops from the cells. Research has revealed that

Breast Cancer

diet, genetic and hormonal factors are the main causes of Breast cancer. (Braddock & Kercher, 2006). The main symptoms are changes in the breast appearance with a lumpy feeling, nipple tenderness or inversion, severe pain and itching or skin dimpling. The types of breast cancer are usually classified depending on the cells affected. The main types are;

Metastases when the cancer spreads to other body parts, ductal carcinoma when the lining cells of the milk ducts are affected, invasive ductal carcinoma when the previous type spreads to other body parts and lobular carcinoma if it affects the lobes of the breast. (Link John, 2007).

Screening for breast cancer can be through; self examination, clinical examination or mammogram screening though additional tests such as biopsy and ultra sound are done to confirm. Cancer in its early stages can be detected and treated. The main ways of treatment are surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy, hormone therapy or radiation therapy. (Breast cancer, 2008)


Breast cancer information is being given so that people can be examined early enough. Though breast cancer does not cause early deaths, it has a psychological trauma and shock effect on the patients. Most breast cancer patients are advised to go for counseling and join support groups. More research is being done to establish better treatments than the existing ones.


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