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The oxford referencing style is also called the documentary-note citation system and this is one of the issues that seem to confuse students every now and then whenever they are told to cite using the documentary-note citation system. What escapes many students of oxford style papers is that this is still the same as the oxford referencing style.

The oxford referencing style is mainly used in history as well as philosophy departments and it includes a number of items which are in one way or the other standard. These items include some standard citations in the main body followed by what we call footnotes at the end of each page. At the end of the paper is usually an annotated bibliography which details the various sources of the in text citations as well as any other material that was used as an addition in the course of drafting the paper.

It is important to note that as far as the oxford referencing style is concerned, superscript numbers accompanied by footnotes should be invoked when proffering arguments. This is one of the other concepts that seem to escape a number of writers charged with the task of coming up with oxford style papers as far as the oxford referencing style is concerned. It is important to note that this numbers should be located at the end of the sentence. When using this style, most students locate this superscript numbers after the words referred and this is where many marks are lost. When a quote exceeds 30 words, the oxford referencing style recommends that it be shown in a new line with a 10mm indention from the margin (left hand). In this case, no quotation marks should be included but the superscript number should be indicated.

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