APA Format Term Paper

From to time in academic life, students are called upon to write a term paper for learning, assessment or other purposes. While evaluating term papers written by their students, instructors look at various key features. One of these features is the style of document formatting. The style of document formatting is guided by the writing styles and use of this writing styles may differ from one filed to other or from one institution to the next. An example of a writing style that is most common is the APA style of writing.

The APA style of writing was developed by the American Psychological association and is documented in the APA publication manual. It is recommended for use in the field of Psychology and other social sciences but is still utilized in other fields. The main features of an A.P.A style paper include: use of one inch margin around the document and double spacing through out the paper. Pages are numbered consecutively and the numbers are usually placed at the top right corner of the APA style paper in Arabic numerals.

An APA style paper also involves the inclusion of a short title, also referred to as the running head, throughout the paper including in the title page. The short title or the running head is usually brief and is derived from the main title of the document. An APA style paper has a separate title page that usually contains the title of the paper, the name of the student, the name of the institution and the running header. Headings and subheading are usually centered in the APA style paper and paragraphs indented. APA style paper utilizes the author date system of citing sources inside text and a list of reference at the end of the document.

The Author/ date system of referencing in an APA style paper involve use of parentheses where the authors surname and the article year of publication are enclosed. In APA style paper a total of six authors can be listed inside text and if more than six the surname of the first six are listed followed by et al and the year of publication. In cases where the author of a particular source material is not known the title of the material takes the place of the author inside the parentheses. Sources cited inside text are then reflected on a list of reference page at the back of the APA style paper where full bibliographic information is provided.

Listing a source from a book in the APA style paper follows the format; author’s surname, year of publication, title of the book, place of publication and publisher while listing a website source take the following format: Authors surname, date of publication, title, date of access and URL.

Sources are arranged in alphabetical order in the reference page of an APA style paper following the author’s surname. Writing APA style paper is not an easy task as it requires knowledge of the writing style and great organization skills.

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