Uses Of MS Excel

Question 1

Uses of MS excel:

Excel is an important tool in business management, one way in which it can be used business management is that it can be used to create a data base, this mean that information can be stored, edited and manipulated, basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication can be performed on data. (Microsoft, 2010)

Excel can be used in the determination of total costs and revenues and therefore be used in the determination of loss and profits, an example is data on employees which is store in excel, at the end of the week total hours are determined using and hourly rates excel, total wages can be determined for a number of workers and therefore reduce the work burden in business management. (Microsoft, 2010)

Excel can also produce graphs and charts such as line charts and bar charts, these charts help in identifying trend in data, data in excel can also be filtered and sorted to obtain required information, for example number of sales less than 5,000 or employees earning less than 12,000. (Microsoft, 2010)

Uses Of MS Excel

Question 2:

Ethical and legal issues:

Ethical and legal issues in business research are governed by the following principles:


Participants and research staff should be

briefed on the method, purpose and use of a

research study and any risk

that may be involved in the study


Confidentiality and anonymity of participants

should be observed


Respondents should volunteer and not coerced to

participate in the study


Harm to the respondents should be avoided

eliminated (Rivlin, 1995)


conflict of interest should be identified and

Uses Of MS Excel

From the above information the principles stipulate that privacy and safety of respondents should be observed, in the AUI data set results some ethical issues may arise where conflict of interest may arise, for example managers may tend to lay off female workers given that their job satisfaction mean are lower than male workers, or even lay off older workers whose job satisfaction mean is lower than younger workers.


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Uses Of MS Excel