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Global warming is the rise in temperatures on the earth surface. This occurs due to increase in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases include carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and ozone. The green house effect is when , sunlight reaches the earth surface, some of these radiation waves are absorbed and warms the earth as most of the rest waves are radiated back to the atmosphere at a longer wave length than the sun light. Some of these longer wavelength are absorbed by green house gases in the atmosphere before are lost to the atmosphere. Those green houses gas act like a mirror by reflecting back those rays to the earth service instead of being lost to the space as heat energy. This reflecting back of heat energy is referred to as green house effects.

The main source of carbon dioxide is burning of fossil fuel by either through burning coals, oils, petrol, kerosene etc. Therefore, global warming is caused by emission of green house gases that pollute the atmosphere and this go hand in hand with industrialization, whereby, industrialized countries should be encouraged to take part in mitigating these effects. Global warming has adverse effects on the atmosphere this include the rise in the sea altitude, occurrences of extreme droughts and floods caused by changes in the quantity and pattern in the rainfall, this has both economic and climatic negative effects. to my understanding, global warming seems to be the ultimate cause of the current climatic changes due to increased industrialization worldwide.


The Chicago city has been in the forefront to avoid the environmental degradation caused by global warming through the initiative of the city’s mayor. The mayor saw the launch of the Chicago

center for green technology to address the issue of neglected industrial structures and prohibit

Physical Science

unnecessary dumping of the wastes. This site has utilized the current technological know-how to ensure the city’s environmental upgrading hence avoid sound science where many empty phrases are used without any scientific use of technology in reality but to defend their political positions of the leaders.

Secondly, the city has ensured that the preservation of the natural resources for future generation and utilization. This include recycling of wastes such as plastic bags as well as ensuring that water is utilized and recycled before going into the city’s sewers. The city has mobilized the residents to get involved in the preservation of the resources to avoid depletion. In addition, the city municipal council has created awareness on the adverse effects of the depletion of the available resources and ensured that the by-laws are formulated by the residents to misuse or wastage of natural resources such as water.

More so, the city is keen on checking the environmental effects of globalization by ensuring that foreign industries established in the city adhere to the rules and the regulations of the city council. On the other hand, they are required to contribute in the regeneration and restoration of the natural resources such as recycling of their wastes and not dumping them in rivers, and installation of renewable energy sources such as solar system.

In addition, the city has ensured that the natural and temperate forests are restricted to avoid overuse leading to depletion of the resource. Similarly, the city has greatly attempted to combat water and air pollution by ensuring the local cars are well manufactured with harmful gases filters. In addition, they have encouraged the use of the public means of transport to avoid the increase in the number of the automobiles in the city. On the other hand, the city has formulated by-laws to oversee the restoration and usage of both public and private lands in their efforts to check on the effects of global warming.

In order, to ensure restoration and usage of the natural resources and conservation of the environment there has been various policies formulated to enhance the achievement of a pollution free environment. These policies ensure adherence to the by-laws of the town council

Physical Science

aimed at checking the negative effects of global warming. For instance, there is an Integrated Pest Management policy, which usage of pesticides and insectides around the city.

On the other hand, to ensure a prolonged existence of fundamental human environmental maintenance scheme like global climatic system, agricultural, industrial, forestry and fisheries activities, the city has implemented the green roofing system to ensure air pollution in tall buildings. More so, they enhance a healthier interior atmosphere as well as conserving the resources and energy. This ensures sustainability of the core environmental features to avoid the negative effects of the global warming.


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