Multicultural Dimensions of the Society

theoretical ways. Our society is made of many individual who are not equal in many perspectives. There are those who are more advantaged than others in terms of finances, social privileges or some who usually hold their culture as more important than the others. These divisions in the society are the cause of oppression that exist in many societies. People are oppressed in different ways. There is the economic oppression where some people are denied the some economical privileges which some people in the same society may be enjoying.Thre is also political oppression where some times the political class takes the advantage of the positions that they have to deny some groups right of political participation.

In a multicultural society there is the oppression of the minority in terms of culture. These take the dimension where there is a feeling of cultural superiority of the majority. (Jenkins 2006). This is evidenced in a society where people have various cultural backgrounds.The majority culture imposes some of its values to the minority cultures. The cultural group which feels is superior to the other also denies the minority cultures some privileges in the society.

Looking at our society I have also realized that there is also oppression depending on gender. Females are oppressed despite the fact that in the society they may be equal in numbers with men. This is seen even in the governance where you find that the males dominate both the congress and the senate. Its not that women cannot perform into those positions but they are regarded as one of the minor groups in the society.

I have also realized that the fight for oppression of minorities which started many years ago have not yet born much fruits in most in our society. People do advocate for oppression in the open. In fact you will see even the leaders condemning this oppression in the media but practically it has been difficult to stop these oppressions in the society.

multicultural dimensions of the society

Oppression of the minority have really denied our country a chance to develop as there are people who have great potential in bringing new ideas which would push the country forward but because they belong to a group which is regarded as the minority in the society they do not get the chance to use their potential. So its good that different cultural backgrounds should accommodate each other in the society and treat each other in the same way. This is the only way that our society will reach higher places in many areas of development. (Jenkins 2006).

This course has been of great help of making me understand why we are supposed to do away with the feeling of cultural superiority and cultural inferiority. I have learned that a society that cannot accommodate the various cultural backgrounds is not a full grown society. This kind of a society cannot live in harmony due to the competition that exists among those cultures. I had not given a thought that oppression can really hamper the economic development of our country to such a large extent The course has also helped me to realize that most of the conflicts that are currently being experienced in the whole world have come about as a result of lack of respect to various cutures.This has caused some cultures which feel that they are being oppressed to revolt. What I would like to learn more regarding this topic is how the issue of oppression of minor cultures should be stooped in a more practical way rather than the current


Jenkins, H. (2006).Convergence culture, NYU press.