My Socialization Process


Socialization is the process by which one inherits cultural norms, beliefs and values to provide an individual with necessary skills to participate in the society. It influences the way one thinks, believes and their take on various societal issues. The agents of socialization are the groups and people that influence our attitudes, emotions, values, behavior and self image. As young children are socialized society various methods are used such as modeling, reward, punishment and selective exposure among others. In this essay, shall discuss my socialization as an individual.

My Socialization Process

I am a young lady who believes in the power of God, justice, respect among people, upholding good character by upholding good moral values. I believe that people are supposed to contribute to the less fortunate in society by extending a helping hand and giving back the best to society. I believe in coexistence and aims at fighting tribalism.I believe in gender equity where people are given equal opportunity regardless of race or gender. I believe in standing for what one believes in. I aim at working in the financial sector of the nation more so banking while owning my own enterprises while still believing that family comes first before money. All that I am is a result of the socialization process. Family is the main agent of socialization to my being today.

I was taught to uphold religion and was made to believe that no one can do anything without Him. Family values were highly upholded and any indiscipline seriously reprimanded. My family believed that members are supposed to love, accept each other while being responsible to each other with my siblings and I defending each other even in fights. My parents instilled in me the desire to work hard, better my life, help them and be a resource to society.

My Socialization Process

Cultural values and beliefs were taught and gender roles were instilled as to what is expected of each gender and cultural expectations as regards age and gender such as how to greet people of different age groups and this was done by grandparents.. Community cooperation and unity was taught with my parents teaching me to treat all people equally with much of this being learned from their experiences and how they interacted with other people such as neighbors, visitors and community members.

Socialization Works Incorporated In My Socialization Process

Selective exposure is the process of exposure to behaviors and attitudes that are desirable and shelter from those considered undesirable. During growing up, My friends underwent scrutiny from my parents and those with good characters were welcomed while strict warning was given for being with those of bad behavior adopted modeling my trying to copy my parents especially my mother’s dressing and hairstyle, voice and walking style. Punishment was never postponed when I committed a mistake though the forms differed. Rewards were normally given to reinforce good behaviors in the form of praises, gifts or special offers like outings.


Although socialization is a continuous process, much of my being today is a result of the socialization process mainly from my family. The beliefs, character, prejudices and judgments that I hold may change but the fact remains that all this I learned from the socialization process mainly in the family.


My Socialization Process

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